Travel and leisure in Lviv region

Lviv region is located in the Western part of Ukraine and rightly considered the most rich in attractions of the region of our country.
All year round, thousands of tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad visit the city of Lviv. There is absolutely everything for a great holiday in the circle of friends and relatives at any time of the year. The beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians fascinates, this is the place where you want to return again and again. If you do not know where to relax in the summer? Feel free to go to Lviv region, do not regret it!

Who prefers to relax the wildlife environment can visit the National Nature Park “Skole Beskydy” which includes: Uric rocks. Tustan; Waterfall Kamenka; Lake Dead (Crane); Mount Klyuch; Mount Parashka. You will have the opportunity to conquer the high mountains of the Carpathians from where a magnificent panorama of the surroundings will open.
If desired, you can spend the night in a tent away from the modern fussy world.
There’s nothing better to wake up early in the morning with the singing of birds, the noise of foliage, breathing in the clean air of the aromatic wild flowers. Walk barefoot on the morning dew, take a walk through the forest collecting forest berries and herbs to aromatic tea.

On the territory of the Lviv region there are many castles and palaces that are worth visiting.
The tourist route “Golden Horseshoe” of Lviv region is very popular.
It includes: Zolochiv Castle, Podgoretsky Castle, Olesky Castle, Svirzhsky Castle.
Each castle has its own history and uniqueness, which is difficult to overlook. Their mighty walls rise to the sky as if reminding the younger generation of their former glory. Mysteriousness, rich history, legends like a magnet attract tourists from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.

Many prefer to visit the Lviv region in winter. At this time, there is an unusual fairy-tale atmosphere. Millions of Ukrainians are asked to book rooms in hotels that would relax in the popular ski resorts of Ukraine in the circle of friends and relatives.
There are more than enough of them here, but the most popular companies in the Lviv region are: Ski Resort “Plai”; Ski resort Oryavchik-Zveniv; Sport center “Tysovets”, ski resort “Slavske” Each of the complexes provides tourists with a large selection of winter entertainment: snowmobiling, horse-drawn sleigh rides, sledging, horseback riding, speed-skiing, skiing and much more.

Particular attention deserves the wonderful city of Lviv, which is rightly considered the most beautiful city in Ukraine. It’s very comfortable and so peaceful here.
In this amazing and romantic city you can perfectly spend your entrance or holiday.
There are a lot of sights in Lviv that would visit everything, one day will be short.
I recommend to begin my acquaintance with Lviv from the Chocolate Workshop, the High Castle Park, the Potocki Palace