Lviv Chocolate Workshop

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Lviv -Amazing and romantic city in Ukraine, where you can spend great
their input or vacation.
Attractions in the city a lot of that to visit all one day will not be enough.
I recommend to begin his acquaintance with Lviv Chocolate Workshop from, you will not regret.

Reputation chocolate and the coffee town dates back to 1803, with the opening of the first confectionery. The idea belonged to the doorman, Dominique Andriolli.
Its confectionery made a great impression on the inhabitants of Lviv, it has become a wildly popular destination for rest of the townspeople.
Since that time, coffee and chocolate are rooted traditions, became the hallmark of the city.

Today, the preparation of chocolate delicacies has become an art form, make sure this can be illustrated by visiting the Chocolate shop.
“Lviv Chocolate Workshop” – a favorite sweet tooth, especially popular among children, although adults are not enough.
Sweet restaurant opened in 2009, is widely regarded as one of the visited places of the city.

Visit chocolate paradise can be anyone from 9 am to 22.00 pm daily.
In the coffee shop on the ground floor, you can enjoy fresh coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cocktails.
Pick up a treat for you favorite drink will help places courteous staff.
Here you will have the opportunity to see an exciting process of making chocolate masterpieces.
On the second, third and fourth floors provided a huge range of chocolate products to suit every taste.

Interesting facts about chocolate:
1. Chocolate Treats improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
2. In ancient times, chocolate attributed healing, magical and even mystical properties. Translated from the Latin cocoa tree means “food of the gods.”
3. The biggest bar of chocolate, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records has
weight 4.41 tons and the dimensions of 5.6 x 2.75 x 0.25 meters.
4. The most expensive chocolate in the world believe chocolate «Chocopologie by Knipschildt».
Its price is $ 2600 per 453 grams.
5. If you eat chocolate every day, and then abruptly stop taking the chocolate goodies in humans arise small “break-up”.
6. Due to the presence in the chocolate substance “theobromine” animal is toxic products.
7. Healers (curanderos) of hispanic use chocolate for medicinal purposes.
Chocolate treat bronchitis, used for the prevention of bee stings and scorpions.
8. The cocoa tree growth period of 200 years or more.
9. Black chocolate made of cocoa solids, a white chocolate of its oil.
Lviv Attractions:
Potocki Palace, Palace Turkul-Comella, Park High Castle, Semensky Palace, Lviv City Arsenal, the Old Market Square, the park Stryj, Lviv Opera House.

Museums: Kornyakta House (History Museum), Black Kamenica (Museum of the liberation movement), Pharmacy Museum, Retro Moto Museum, Lubomirski Palace (Museum of furniture and porcelain), magnets Museum Beer Museum, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life “Shevchenko Guy”

Entertainment: Water Park Beach, Children’s Railway, Hippodrome, Aeronautics Aviation Sports Club OSOU, Rollers: (street Gorbachevsky 14, Market Square (behind the Town Hall), St. Stryis’ka 30…), An indoor climbing wall “Bay” Sky Park – children’s park leisure activities, bowling and billiards club “TEN”.

Address: Lviv, str. Serbian 3.

GPS coordinates: 49°50’28.14”N, 24°1’59.41”E

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