Zolochiv castle

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On the territory of Lviv, a huge number of attractions, each in its own unique.
Zolochiv Castle is no exception.
This is an amazing place with its rich history.
The walls have seen much, and tragic and romantic events.

Initially, the site of the castle, was a wooden fortress which time another raid of the Tatars was burned.
The exact date of foundation is unknown, the fortress was mentioned for the first time in 1442.
Fortress repeatedly destroyed, rebuilt, strengthened, often changed owners.
When Zolochiv castle and in 1634 g, passed into the possession of Jakub Sobieski, beat a lot of work for its strengthening and reconstruction.
Jacob, hired the best artists of the time, the result of this work, admired by many noblemen.
Masters tried to glory, Zolochiv Castle was considered comfortable by the time lock.
Here for the first time we laid the sewerage system, which is partially preserved until today.
On the territory there are two buildings, big two-storey and Chinese palaces.

In 1939, the castle is home Zolochinskliy NKVD.
God knows how many lives within the walls of the castle ruin the Soviet power.
When the Bolsheviks, during the Second World War, the Germans expelled from the city, opened prison.
“It drew a lot of people.
Before us lay rows of corpses, they pulled out of the ditch under the wall of the castle-prison.
The smell was terrible, and the picture is not for the faint of heart.
People walked among the corpses, looking for their relatives.
The bodies were in a terrible state, some tattered underwear beaten half-naked.
Almost all were broken, ripped or torn off limbs and genitals in men are damaged or missing.
Hundreds of bodies with signs of torture of men and women horrified people, many are not maintained and fell.
The next day, we took out the corpses from the chambers.
There were body is very terrible, during the life of them buried alive, horrible spectacle.
Only then counted 752 bodies, only 21 identified the body.
Others do not identify the body found rest in a mass grave in the town cemetery.
After the funeral, people went back to the castle.
Once at the gate we entered the room, there was beating terribly, floor and walls covered with blood, stuck hooks, and
bloody table stood in the middle of the room.
In one corner was a hole, threw kudoyu tortured body into the pit.
There were killed and tortured people. ”
Terrible crimes of the Soviet power, there is no excuse, no matter how much time went proy.
Each of us must know and remember similar cases, and never to allow such.

Stones Templar

On the grounds of the castle are three stone, their origin is unknown.
There is an assumption that the stones are associated with the Order of the Templar knight.
At the same inscriptions, presumably XIV – XV century little-known Gothic script.
And on the other stone, it depicts two wreaths, at the intersection of a hole.
Purpose is unknown!
People believe that with wreaths stone fulfills the desire.
To do this, make a wish, if it is material, twist a finger in the direction of the crown of thorns, and if you desire a romantic, to the side of a blossoming wreath.

On these stones there is another story

Adolf Hitler is not only famous for his cruelty and manic tendencies.
He was fond of occult seriously, collected Razin mythical artifacts.
Around the world, its people searched three stones of the Order of the Templars, according to legend, the stones, it hooks
to huge treasures of the Templars.
So! The irony is that the very stones, beat under the noses of the Nazis during the occupation, and they simply did not notice.
They beat recently found on the outskirts of the village Novoselki, near Zolochiv and moved to the castle grounds.
Now, they play the role of a museum exhibit.

Interesting Facts:
Zolochiv Castle, part of the tourist route “Golden Horseshoe” Lviv.
They include: Zolochiv castle, Pidhirtsi castle ,Olesko castle and svirzh castle.

Video, Zolochiv castle

Address: Zolochev, st. Castle 3, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°48’6”N 24°54’22”E

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