Sub-stone. Place of power in Lviv region

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A talisman rock, the size of a three-story building, which is covered with legends and mysticism silently rises near the village of Podkamen. Can you imagine this? This is not a fairy tale or someone else’s fantasy, but a real sacred relic!

The huge stone boulder, reminiscent of an ancient idol, is considered a place of power.
But when and for what circumstances the 16-meter block appeared here, no one knows for certain, everyone has their own theory.

Today one thing is clear, the traces of the history of Podkamen lead us to the distant past. The first mentions of the city, dating back to 1441, have survived to this day. There are many legends connected with the name itself. For example, one legend says the following, once a local hero brought a part of the rock from the mountains and installed it on one of the hills of the city in the place where the fortress was founded.

On the one hand, this is a beautiful legend, but historians have confirmed the veracity of the existence of a defensive structure. Indeed, in the days of the principality, a wooden fortress really stood on the rock. Even today, traces of building recesses in the rock can be seen.

The doctrine claims that this is one of the rocks of the ancient Sarmatian Sea, but the locals believe more in the mystical origin of the stone block. Even in the pre-Christian period, people considered the rock to be the strongest amulet. Over the centuries, much has changed, but the pilgrimage to the shrine is still relevant. Perhaps this is the main proof that the place here is still special!

Attractions within a 100 km radius

Olesko castle. The attraction is located 48 km from the village of Podkamen.
Podgoretsky castle. From s. Olesko – 13 km, from the village of Podkamen – 43 km.
Zolochiv Castle. On the route Podkamen-Zolochev only 60 kilometers.

Автор Греборич Н.И ⁞ 25.08.2020

Address: smt. Podkamen, Brody district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°56’40.2″N 25°19’25.1″E

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