Ski resort “Slavske”

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Among the magnificent Carpathian Mountains, 130 km from the cultural capital of Ukraine, Lviv, is a welcoming and picturesque with. Slavske.
Because of the indescribable natural beauty, clean mountain air, excellent road junction, the region is very popular in Ukraine and chapels of our country.
The majestic and high mountains, great forests, rivers, a pleasant climate and a huge number of attractions, the resort give sophistication, enticing curious tourists from different parts of our country.
Being in a ski resort, if possible, visit: legendary Rocks Dovbush, Kamenka waterfalls, magnificent lake Haschovanskoe, Shipot waterfall Tustan unforgettable impressions from what he saw you securely.

Located paradise on the ridge Beskydy, near rivers Opir and Slavka.
This combination of nature has created a unique microclimate of its kind, thanks to which the snow is on the mountain expanses long enough.
Getting to the complex you can: train, bus or your car.

In the complex are equipped with tracks of different levels of difficulty for professionals and beginners.
1. One of the tracks located on the mountain Trostyan, elevation 130-550 m.
You can use 1 chairlifts and 7 drag lifts and 1 baby lift.

2. The route is of medium difficulty on the mountain Pohar, elevation is 157 m.
Equip 2 rope tows.

3. Mount Menchul located trails of varying difficulty with a 2-ma-lift yoke 1000-850 meters.

4. For beginners, designed to track Polytechnic mountain with a vertical drop of 150 m.
There are 2 ski lifts – 600 and 1000 meters.

5. The next track is located on a different level High Top Mountain or write, elevation reaches up to 552 m.
Here settle several ski lifts: 1 parnokreselny (2800 m) and 3 double rope 700.750 and 800 m.

Evening entertainment:
– billiards
– saunas
– Restaurant
– hookah
– disco
– Spas
– bowling
More snow fun:
– Snowmobile
– Riding on a horse-drawn sleigh
– sled
– horse rides
– speedriding

Address: Slavske, Skole district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 48°50’15.38»N, 23°26’40.29»E

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