Travel and leisure in Zhytomyr region

Zhytomyr region is a magnificent region with a rich history and amazing nature.
In these parts there are many interesting sights that are worth visiting.
Special attention should be paid to the unusual and popular tourist place of Polissya, Slovene-Ovruchy ridge. Here opens a breathtaking panorama to the surroundings from which the spirit intercepts. The area is incredibly beautiful, it resembles Yellowstone Park, but much less.

Who prefers to rest extremely, it is worth to visit the cozy village of Deneši.
Here they like to spend their free time rock-climbers away from everyday cares and city bustle, surrounded by forests, picturesque rocks and rivers. The best place to relax just can not find.

To enjoy the amazing nature of Ukrainian Polesie, it is worth visiting the Polessky Reserve.
Its territory is covered by virgin forest, marshes, lakes and rivers.
Many wild animals live in the reserve, many of which are listed in the Red Book.
In fact, this is a huge zoo, only the animals live and reproduce here in the natural environment.

Today, the Zhytomyr region is poorly developed tourist region, but has every chance to become popular
Tourist center of Ukraine.
Interesting attractions here are more than enough, which deserve attention and worth
To visit. Traveling through the Zhytomyr region you will discover many amazing places, learn the culture and the bit of the local region.