Mount Key “Skole Beskydy”

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For fans of outdoor activities, Mount Key is simply an ideal option.
During the ascent you will see a magnificent panorama of the Ukrainian Carpathians.
Undoubtedly, the mountain Klyuch is not comparable to the city of Hoverla, but there is something to look at. The beauty of high mountains sheltered by the forest is sometimes impossible to describe, it is so delicious. That do not want to return to everyday worries.

The mountain Klyuch is known among tourists as one of the peaks of the ridge in the “Skole Beskids” in height 927 meters above sea level. On the route you can take away the fanciful canopies, caves and small gorges. Ideal place for photo and video shooting.

Many tourists conquer the summit not for the sake of extreme rest, here is located
The memorial burial place of the Sich Rifles.
During the First World War, on October 28, 1915, under the twilight of the night, the Russian army attacked
On the Sich Rifles. As a result, 13 heroes were killed, and 14 were injured, including the legendary
Centurion Stroposky.

You can start your route from the village of Dubina, it is located at the route Kiev-Chop (near the town of Skole). Then turn off the road towards the village. Wheatear.
After 4 km you will see the magnificent 7-meter Kamenetsky waterfall, which in summer gathers many tourists.

Here you will have the opportunity to dine or buy souvenirs, rowing, berries.
A little above the waterfall, on a cozy glade, you can spend the night in a tent among wild nature.
After all, there is nothing more beautiful to meet the sunrise or sunset in the Ukrainian Carpathians, walk barefoot on the morning silken grass or listen to the singing of birds, the rustle of leaves
Far from the modern world. In such places you realize the beauty around and how
Need little for happiness.

If you walk above the waterfall, at the very road, you will see the source of the living water and a pointer to the magnificent Crane Lake it is called still the Dead Lake.

From the lake, inexperienced tourists recommend to return to the road, so as not to get lost and continue your route to Mount Klyuch.
Having walked along the road for about a kilometer, you can see a little more, you will see the place where the Mezhka stream flows into the Kamenka River. Further, you need to leave the main road and continue your Route along the field road along the creek.
After passing a small section of the road, you will pass by 2 streams, they will flow to the left in the Meadows. As soon as you reach the place where the third stream flows in, Luzhki will cross the road, she
Leads from Kamenka to Trukhanov.
It is from this section of the route that your ascent to the Klyuch Range begins.
The route has tried to describe in detail, but I recommend if possible to hire a local guide, so you will feel calmer.

During the ascent, you will see the quaint rocks, the cave Pilgrim and the deep gorge.
Rising along the path of the ridge, you will get to the memorial complex of Sich Rifles.
From the top in front of you will open a magnificent panorama, from which breathtaking.
Painting Beskydy as in the palm of your hand!

Further west along the ridge, another group of rocks opens before you.
Admiring the unique beauty around, you can start descending in a western direction to the Opir river.


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Address: with. Kamenka, Skole district, Lviv reg.

GPS coordinates: 49°2’23” с. ш., 23°36’14” вост. д

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