Ski Oryavchyk-mer

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At the heart of the unique nature reserve “Skole Beskids” conveniently located small
“Oryavchyk-link” ski resort.
Of course it can not be compared with the GC “Bukovel” and GC “Slavske”, but here you can perfectly spend their weekends or holidays.
The complex is ideal for beginners and snoutbordistov.
Experienced and professional instructors will help you become confident on skis.
At your disposal will be 5 well-prepared trails, of varying difficulty and length.

The resort is located near the sports base “Tysovets”, you can visit it if you wish.
The clean mountain air, wonderful nature, hospitable people will leave good memories of the holiday.
Carpathian Mountains, this is the place where you want to return again and again in any season.
Indescribable beauty, smell of coniferous and mixed forests make you score on all the daily chores.
Tourists are happy to meet the year round, and the mass variety of entertainment will decorate your nailing in the complex.
You can climb on foot to the mountains and watch the magnificent panorama from a height, the ideal place for photo and video shooting.
If you are fond of fishing, you will be able to go fishing in the clear mountain river.
Evening entertainment:
– indoor pool
– billiards
– Board games
– jacuzzi
– sauna
– table tennis
– disco
– air hockey
How to get to GC “Oryavchyk-link”:
By train you reach to Skole, then by bus or taxi to eat with. Oryavchyk.
Train schedule

Address: c. Oryavchyk, Skole district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 48°58’13.86”N, 23°15’23.77”E 


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