Waterfall Kamenka

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Waterfall “Kamenka” is located in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians and between the villages of Kamenka Dubin.
Getting to it is very simple, you can by car or on foot from Skole.
Since the waterfall is part of the National Natural Park “Skole Beskids” input
charge, a symbolic price.

In recent years, it is very crowded, especially in the period of the flyers.
From different corners of Ukraine, here come the curious tourists to enjoy the unique nature of the Carpathians.
Many believe that there is a special place!
Cool waterfall flows instantly remove the accumulated fatigue, fills positive energy for a long time.

Along the way, there are several tables, where everyone can have dinner or just relax while enjoying the beautiful nature around.
If you would like to spend the night in the wilderness, above the waterfall is a glade, where you can
spread out your tent.

If you walk just above the left side of the road, you can look at Dead Lake it is called Crane. The place is very beautiful and unusual!
Nearby there are mineral springs and mountain key, which is known
its cliffs and caves.
If possible, visit the memorial complex Sich Riflemen, do not regret.

Nearby places of interest: Ski resort “Plai”; Ski Oryavchyk-links; Sports harbor “Tysovets”; Ski resort “Slavske”; Uritsky rocks .Tustan; Cave Monastery. Rozhirche; Lake Dead (Crane), Kamenka.

Address: c. Kamenka, Skole district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°2’1”N, 23°33’50”E

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