Sports harbor “Tysovets”

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With the onset of the winter season, many of the question “Where to spend a winter holiday in Ukraine?”
The choice is huge, in Ukraine a lot of great places for family holidays, especially in the Lviv region.
If you want to go skiing, snowmobiling or a skateboard, you can visit the wonderful ski resorts:
GC “Plai” GC “Oryavchyk-link”, GK Slavske or sports “Tysovets” base.
The complexes are located close to each other, you can visit them all if you wish.

Particular attention would like to make on the basis of Sports “Tysovets”.
It is located amidst the beautiful high mountains with irresistible winter panorama.
The clean mountain air, sprinkled with snow Belim trees, light frost tickling of cheeks will create for you and your seven fabulous vacation.
Great mood and a lot of positive impressions you securely.

Situated base 32 km from Skole, at an altitude of 950-1100 meters above sea level / m.
Getting to the site is not difficult, but if you have a car be prepared to zatyazhitelnym serpentine climbs.

From Skole on the highway Kyiv-Chop to steer with. Kozyova, at the end of the village at the bridge, you will see a large blue sign “Tysovets”, turn off the road and go right, do not get lost.

In sports based on “Tysovets” regularly winter competitions at the international level.
Here you can see and chat with famous athletes, who represented Ukraine at the international winter sports.
Professional athletes often spend here training, so that you will
a great chance to take an autograph from his idol.

Sports harbor without a doubt deserves your attention.
Here, at the time repeatedly rested Presidents Yushchenko and Saakashvili, MPs, ministers, representatives of OBSЄ.

SB “Tysovets” offers its guests the opportunity to use the 1.75-kilometer cable car, 2 lifts-ma, ma 3 jumps, cross-country skiing or snow tubing attraction.
If desired, a sauna, a pool, sports gym, disco-bar, cafe.

Address: s.Tysovets, Skole district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: N 48.981408, E 23.277447

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