Travel and leisure in Vinnitsa region

Vinnytsia region is an amazing and picturesque region of Ukraine, where you can perfectly spend your vacation in the circle of friends and relatives. In different parts of the region there are a lot of unique sights that undoubtedly deserve the attention of tourists.

Everyone can visit the popular landmark of Vinnitsa region, the State historical and cultural reserve “Busha”. Here you can discover a lot of interesting and informative about the culture, the history of this magnificent land.

At 96 hectares, a real paradise was hidden in the Gaidamatsky Yard, which is visited annually by thousands of tourists from different parts of our country. The picturesque tract is amazing with its nature, especially in autumn. The quaint rocks, caves, cascades, canyon, river harmoniously blend with each other creating an ideal place for a family holiday.

On the territory of Vinnitsa region there are a lot of castles and palaces with unique architecture and rich history. Their majestic walls rise to heaven after centuries, reminding the younger generation of old times.
Each palace or castle is unique in its kind, has its own history, secrets, legends.

With the development of tourism in Ukraine, Vinnitsa region is a popular tourist region, has a remarkable road junction. The region borders on 7 regions of Ukraine, as well as Moldova.
The heart of the region is the magnificent city of Vinnitsa, where a lot of modern entertainment centers, museums, squares, historical buildings are concentrated.
Vinnytsia is also known for its fountain “ROSHEN”, the Arch in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after. Gorky, the ruins of Hitler’s former bet “Werwolf,” the Ilyinetsky crater.

We sincerely wish you a wonderful holiday in the Vinnitsa region!