Lake Dead (Crane), Kamenka

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Best place to relax than the Ukrainian Carpathians simply could not be found.
Here you can wonderfully spend your holidays with friends and family.
The clean mountain air, abundance of fragrant flowers, noisy rivers with crystal clear waters, hospitable locals will leave a good impression for a long time.

In the Carpathians, there are so many amazing places to want to return again and again.
Lake Dead or it is called Crane, a clear confirmation.
Indescribable beauty around with draws hundreds of tourists from different parts of Ukraine every year.

Here special mystical place, shrouded in ancient legends and mysteries.
Surprisingly, despite the lake’s popularity among tourists, of him much is known.
Even the depth of the pond is a mystery!
Along the perimeter of the lake is surrounded by a magnificent pine forest, as if eating to hide it from outsiders prying eyes.
Tangled roots of plants and trees create an amazing floating island, where
comfortably arranged the birds nest.

From locals or guides can be heard many stories regarding the lake’s name.
According to one legend, “Crane Lake” received its name thanks to a very helpful cranberries (Cranes), who grew up on the shores of Lake.
According to another legend, there settled in their nests and offspring were taken hundreds of cranes.
There is one more very terrible legend.
Previously, there were beaten impassable places, there are so many people perished.
This tragic fact, and gave rise to the name of Dead Lake.
Where to stay ?
There are several options:
1. It is possible to pitch a tent
2. Stop at the tourist shelter, he is on the way to the waterfall and the lake Kamenetskii.
3. Remove the room or settle in the private sector Skole.

Nearby places of interest: Ski resort “Plai”; Ski Oryavchyk-links; Sports harbor “Tysovets”; Ski resort “Slavske”; Uritsky rocks .Tustan; Cave Monastery. Rozhirche; Waterfall s.Kamenka.

Address: c. Kamenka, Skole district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°2’1”N, 23°33’50”E

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