Museum of photoillus Lviv

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As a rule, the museum is combined with a school excursion from which the majority did not have the best impressions.
Unprofessional, often not interesting stories of guides, who by and large simply are not perceived properly, only reinforce non-popularity and retain the stereotype that the museum is a boring time spent just suitable for nerds).
Today in Ukraine, many modern museums are open to the public, where it is possible to have a great free time, get a lot of positive emotions and acquire new knowledge. Perhaps special attention deserves a unique one of its kind, which, undoubtedly, will appeal to all guests of any age category “Photo-Illuminations Museum”.
Here you will have the opportunity to make beautiful photos on the background of the original location.

Thanks to the optical illusion, you will get the following shots:
Dinosaur looks quite realistic!

For an extreme photo, a very realistic exposure of a terribly toothy shark is perfect. Your photo will be super!

You want to distinguish originality, the best exposure is not found.

As for me, it looks convincing.

A frame of positive emotions cannot be immediately distinguished from a lively pandy until you look well.

Dreaming is not bad!

As you can see, the photos are of high quality, realistic and original.
It should be noted that this is not all the optical illusions of the museum.
Therefore, if you do not know how to spend your free time, the photoillus museum is an excellent option.

Address: Lviv, st. Johar Dudayev 14.
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