Travel and leisure in Zaporozhye region

Zaporizhzhya region is unread through the history and pride of the Ukrainian people.
There were important historical events, great victories and defeats of the Cossacks.
This land gave birth to fearless heroes, about which legends go and sing in songs, centuries later.

Zaporozhye region is considered to be a historical pearl of Ukraine, where an incredible number of important historical buildings are concentrated.
Particular attention should be paid to Khortitsa Island and Zaporizhzhya Sich, which are worth visiting.
Magnificent nature, hospitable residents leave wonderful memories of the rest here.

Traveling in the Zaporozhye region you will discover a lot of wonderful tourist places, where you will necessarily want to return again and again.
It closely intertwines the past and today, people like in the old times respect the traditions of their ancestors, appreciate and carefully store everything that is connected with the history of Ukraine.

Sincerely we wish you a wonderful holiday and bright impressions traveling in the Zaporozhye region.