Dovbush Rocks. Outdoor recreation in Ukraine

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Our modern life often teaches us lessons and difficult trials, plunging us into a state of depression. Naturally, there are many antidepressants that can help you get out of this condition. But the best way to come to your senses and collect your thoughts is through nature. This statement is not just a fiction – a scientifically proven fact that has been repeatedly proven by scientists. For example, to get rid of painful thoughts, a leisurely walk among the trees helps well; it is also known that after a serious operation or stress, a person recovers much faster in nature. Of course, you can lead endlessly reliable facts and examples about the positive influence of nature on a person, but in the end, there is only one conclusion, nature is the source of life, in every sense.

It’s great that we, the Ukrainian people, live in an amazing country with rich nature! But it is true that there are a lot of magnificent places on the territory of Ukraine, ideal for green tourism and family recreation in nature. Moreover, the Rocks of Dovbush are among them. A popular attraction of the Carpathians, it is in high demand among lovers of a calm and measured rest.

The tourist location of Dovbush Rocks is well known to the general public, because the development of tourism in Ukraine and the global lockdown due to COVID-19 still gave their results. As paradoxical as it may sound, in the absence of an opportunity to relax abroad, many Ukrainians discovered their own country. And as it turned out, she is beautiful! Therefore, if you are among just beginners or experienced tourists who are interested in “Top-10” Natural Tourist Sites of Ukraine for camping, cycling or extreme recreation, then go for vivid impressions to the stone giants.

Taking into account the relevance of the Travel in Ukraine direction, the travel portal Travels-ukraine has prepared for you a small online trip to the place where the past and the present intersect.

Dovbush Rocks. Tambourine

As a rule, when it comes to the mountains and rocks of Ukraine in the tourism industry, first of all, these are the Ukrainian Carpathians. This stereotype is natural, because nature itself has created in the mountainous region all the prerequisites for great leisure at any time of the year!

Most often, the category of tourists that prefers independent travel in Ukraine, rest with a tent or is fond of rock climbing, pays attention to the Dovbush Rocks. Indeed, surrounded by forest and stone giants of prehistoric origin, it is as if you come to life in body and soul. Apparently, it is not for nothing that the tourist site is considered a place of power in the Carpathian region.

Eighty meter high rock massifs are hidden among the picturesque nature, as if hiding from prying eyes. Stone giants, which originate from the prehistoric sea, are drowning in the emerald forest today, reminding the modern generation that everything in this life leaves its mark.

Walking leisurely among the majestic rocks, which were formed 70 million years ago in the arms of the warm sea, and today they silently rise to the heavens, bathing in the gentle breath of the wind. Immediately and do not realize how lucky they will touch the natural relic.

Despite the relatively small size of the rock mass, having a width of almost 200 meters and a total length of only 1 km, the significance of the complex of natural monuments Dovbush Rocks is priceless.

The origin of the name “Rocks of Dovbush”

Natural education has not only geological but also historical value. The rocky massif received its name from the leader of the people’s avengers – Oleksi Dovbush, who used the local area for a secret shelter of the rebel movement of the oprishki.

Dovbush Rocks. Our days

If during the second millennium A.D. e. the rocks were used as a haven for hermit monks, and over time as the basis for a guard fortress, which was used for its intended purpose until the 16th century, today the Dovbush Rocks are a popular tourist attraction. Here you can spend your leisure time wonderfully and gain vivid impressions, enjoying the beauty of the beech-spruce forest and the magnificent panorama.

Of particular interest are the Dovbush Rocks for climbers, where rock climbing competitions are often held for extreme sports fans.

If you are puzzled by questions, where to relax in Ukraine in the summer? Where to go for a weekend with a child? And so that there was an opportunity to enjoy a magnificent panorama of nature, spend the night in a tent, cook a barbecue or take an extreme vacation, then the Dovbush Rocks are an excellent option for family travel, excursion tours for schoolchildren and students.

Tourist Notes

It is important to note that a similar type of rock and a tourist site with the same name exists in the Ivano-Frankivsk region only in the vicinity of the cozy town of Yaremche. You can get there within the framework of the popular tourist route Dovbush Trail. Therefore, when planning your weekend getaway, take this point into account and do not confuse it!

There are two ways to get to the Dovbush Rocks:
– through Bolekhiv-Bubnishche (Ivano-Frankivsk region);
– along the route Nizhnee Sinevidnoe – Trukhanov (Lviv region).

Author ⁞ Grebovich N.I. ⁞ 19.06.2021

Address: from Bubnishche, Ivano-Frankivsk region / s Trukhanov, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°2’40”N, 23°40’52”E


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