Stolsky fortified settlement

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Today, few people know that in 50 kilometers from Lviv, among the magnificent beech forest are the remains of the oldest city on the territory of modern Ukraine.
At one time, here was the capital of the once great medieval White Croatia.
The territory of the Slavic state occupied modern Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk,
Ternopil, Lviv regions, as well as a significant part of the territory of modern Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.
On the fact of research and reliability of historical sources, the total territory of the city had almost 250 hectares, and this is 25 times more than Kiev in that period.
The city itself was surrounded by earthen ramparts and reliable defensive fortifications, which had more than 10 kilometers of length. On the perimeter of Stylesky settled settlements, evidenced by the found remains of inhabited and bit objects. According to historians, the population of the local region reached 45 thousand people.

Archaeological discoveries in Stolsk

Thanks to the unbearable work of archaeologists who have been studying the local area for 30 years, it was possible to learn a lot of interesting things.
A part of the stone-limestone road that led to the city itself was found,
to find a dam, and this in turn is an indisputable proof of the existence of a waterway that reached almost 11 kilometers.
Based on the found artifacts, expert assessment of the structure and defensive fortifications, it was established that this landmark of Ukraine dates back to the 8th-10th centuries.
To our days, numerous historical letters have been preserved, where the people of White Croatia mention their bit, craft and trade.

Among the scientists actively discussing the theory that under the site of the ancient settlement there is an incredible scale underground city. This assumption may be true, especially when found tunnels having a man-made origin.

Stolskoe ancient settlement today

Today, from the once great city, man-made caves remained, over which at one time towered huge wooden houses and defensive towers.
The local area, in 2005, was awarded the status of the historical and cultural reserve “Stolskoe Gorodische”, which was an important step in the development of tourism in Mykolayiv district of Lviv region.

Written mentions of White Croatia

It should be noted that the Croats are mentioned three times in the “Tale of Bygone Years”: for the first time the source describes the people as a very developed East Slavic tribe; The second time the Croats appeared as participants in a large-scale and well-organized military campaign in Byzantium in 907, the organizer was Prince Oleg. The third mention also described the military campaign led by Vladimir Svyatoslavovich in 993.

At the crucial historical period of the first millennium of the new era, a magnificent country of industrious Slavs stretched across the territory of Nadnistrovye, known among other nations as White Croatia. So the emperor of Byzantium Constantine mentioned in this book that he was published in the X century – “On the management of the empire”.

About the once great city, even memories have been preserved in the Vatican archives, where short notes on the Croatian people are made. All entries were recorded in Greek, the latest
date back to the 16th century.

Address: with. Dubrova, Mykolaiv district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°32′ с. ш. 24°04′ в. д

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