Park High Castle, Lviv

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One of the favorite holiday destinations of Lviv and guests, is a great
“High Castle” park.
This without doubt a paradise that ocharovuet and attracts curious tourists with its mysteriousness, indescribable beauty and special power.
He rises above Lviv, at an altitude of 413 m above sea level / m, a magnificent sight.
When you stand in front of you and you see a magnificent view of the legendary
the city is breathtaking.
You can spend hours standing on the observation platform, enjoy dazzling views of the surrounding countryside.

Park “High Castle” a wonderful place for recreation lovers couples and family trips.
Many consider it the epicenter of positive energy, all the fatigue, depression, negative emotions suddenly gone from you for a long time.
Here, surrounded by nature you score about all everyday chores.
Walk through the park alley surrounded by century-old trees, it will give you great pleasure and a lot of positive emotions.

The origin of a magnificent park dates back to 1835, in the distant past on a hill located the High Castle fortress-residence of the legendary Daniel Galician.
Desperately she defended Lvov against the raids of the Tatars.
Unfortunately, the castle has not survived to the present day, there was only a part of the wall as
a reminder of the former glory of the residence.

The park covers 36 hectares, which consists of two terraces, top and bottom, with each
Amazing offers views of the city.
On the lower terrace, you can look at and make a small photo and video shooting at the grotto and decorative stone lions.
Upper terrace – is a manmade mound, now here is the urban telecentre, 192-meter TV tower and another symbol of Lviv “stone lion”.

Address: Lviv, str. High Castle.

GPS coordinates: 49°50’53.5”N, 24°2’20.82”E 

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