Olesko castle

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On a high hill of the small town of Olesko, standing still lock, if the guard guarding his possessions.
The exact date of construction and the founder of the name is unknown, there is only speculation.
The first mention about Olesko Castle date back to the year 1327, so it is possible to make the studies concluded that the castle was built by the son of the Galician-Volyn Prince Daniel. That’s just how it is his son, is not known.
Within the walls of the castle, were born legendary figures, two Polish heir to the throne and Princess Olga of Kiev Rus.
Where history was made, the fate of nations, the castle has long been considered a symbol of power.
Not surprisingly, the walls of the stronghold were constant fights.

It happened a lot of amazing, mysterious and mysterious.
During the entire existence of the castle, a lot of questions to which answers feed experts and psychics.
One of the mysteries of the castle, is an internal pit depth of 42 m, at the time of the earthquake in 1838 hit swamped.
In parallel with the restoration of the castle, the works on clearing the well, today was able to clear the 25 meters of depth.
Many are confused by the picture of the devil on the wall of the well.
No one really knows when it appeared there and most importantly why.
There is an assumption that the well is filled up not by chance, at the bottom are human remains from the sacrifices.

Interesting Facts:
1. Olesko Castle, part of the tourist route “Golden Horseshoe” Lviv.
They include: Zolochiv castle, Pidhirtsi castle, Olesko castle and svirzh castle.
2. The walls of Olesko castle filmed scenes of the famous film “The Three Musketeers”, “Gadfly”, “Fire and Sword”.

History of Olesko castle

Address: town Olesko, ul. Castle 34, Bussky district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°58’6”N 24°54’2”E

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