Travel and leisure in the Transcarpathian region

Transcarpathia is beautiful and fabulous land of Ukraine, where it is so cozy and peaceful. Magnificent nature, hospitable residents leave wonderful memories of the conducted Here rest. Traveling through the Transcarpathian region you will discover a lot of wonderful places, where you will necessarily want to return again and again. It closely intertwines the past and today, people like in the old times respect the traditions of their ancestors, appreciate and carefully keep the family hearth.

This land is probably not rich in sights that are worth visiting. The ancient castles and palaces rise to the sky reminding of the former glory of the local places. From different parts of Ukraine all year round thousands of tourists come to visit this amazing land, admire the magnificent Mukachevo Castle, which is considered to be the pearl of Transcarpathia.

It is here that the most famous for the whole world Lake Synevyr, which to this day There are legends in the local places and behind the chapels of Ukraine. From the amazing panorama of the neighborhood is breathtaking. High mountains, a forest, a bottomless lake with a clear water like a tear, the aroma of wild grasses and flowers, the singing of birds create a paradise where you fill all everyday worries. Looking at this unique beauty, you realize how wonderful Ukraine is.

Sincerely we wish you a wonderful holiday and bright impressions traveling in the Transcarpathian region.