Pidhirtsi castle

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If you have ever heard the expression: “The Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region”, then you should know that this is not just an expression – it is the most popular tourist route in western Ukraine. It consists of several beautiful castles of amazing beauty that amaze with their architecture and fascinating history.

Behind the screen of centuries, the buildings have preserved and conveyed for the modern generation a lot of reliable information, legends and secrets with a mystical bias. Therefore, if you are not frightened and, on the contrary, attracted by phantoms and stories about a curse that are closely intertwined with real events and you are crazy about castle structures, then you should organize an exciting tour to the most mysterious castle in Ukraine – Pidhirtsi Castle.

Haunted castle in Ukraine

From afar, the magnificently preserved Renaissance palace is perfectly visible on the flat terrain. He is like a butler greets his guests. But today, his guests are not kings and queens, not knowing that they are in a hurry to a ball or coronation – they are curious tourists who are attracted by a mysterious haunted castle.

In the small village of Pidhirtsi, within the castle, inexplicable phenomena do occur. To refute or confirm the anomalies of the structure, researchers and psychics have eaten more than once. Naturally, such things can be treated differently, but all the less, in 2010, on the territory of the castle, a very famous Ukrainian project “The Battle of Psychics” took place. The participants of the event tried to find an explanation, confirm or deny the paranormal nature of the castle.

To find an answer to what is happening in the castle, the group of American researchers “Ghost Hunters International” also set a goal. For several days of work, thanks to modern equipment, the team was able to fix and document many unexplained anomalies, from which there were more questions than answers.

A similar study was carried out by another group of experts, which is engaged in the search and study of the so-called “Places of Power” throughout Ukraine.

The legend about the ghost of the Pidhirtsi castle

Podgortsy always knew how to surprise guests. On a grand scale, festivities, orchestra, fireworks and theater. He amazed his contemporaries with incomparable beauty and splendor. The standard of prestige has long been the most desirable place among gentlemen. Naturally, time has made its own adjustments ….. And even though there is no longer that ballroom atmosphere, the music does not sound so sweet, there is no metushna for the coronation of the king, but interest in this place still has not faded. The legend of the ghost of the White Lady that wanders around the terrace and the halls of the castle, as if, revives this place.

As local residents retell, the appearance of the ghost of a girl in the castle is directly related to when the owner of the estate Stanislav Mateusz Zewusski, who ruined the life of his very young wife. Than the girl did not please him anymore! But, as the legend says: knowing about her inevitable death, the young girl cursed her husband, uttering with the last of her strength the words “How many steps I go through, your masculine gender will end on the last one.” At the fourth stage, her life was cut short. As a result, the masculine gender of the Zhevusky really ended in the fourth generation.

Podgoretsky castle, original purpose

Podgoretsky castle was erected by the crown hetman of the Commonwealth Stanislav Konetspolsky in 1530. During its existence, the building has gone through devastation, restoration, fire and repeated change of owner. It was rightfully considered the most beautiful palace in Eastern Europe, where grandiose balls were often held. Nobles from all over the area came here, the castle was visited by European monarchs, the Russian Tsar Peter I, famous architects and artists. In the 17-18 centuries, among the high circles of society, it was considered very prestigious to become a guest in the Pidhirtsi Castle. It’s like visiting the White House in Washington DC or Buckingham Palace today.

At one time, the Pidhirtsi Castle played the role of a residence, but if necessary, due to its architectural features, it could become a reliable defensive structure.

Interesting Facts:
1. Pidhirtsi Castle, included in the tourist route “Golden Horseshoe” Lviv region.
2. At the walls of the castle, episodes of the famous film “D’Artanyan and the Three Musketeers”, “The Flood”, “Bogdan Khmelnitsky” were filmed.

History of Pidhirtsi Castle

Address: s. Podgortsy, st. Zamkovaya, Brody district, Lviv region

GPS coordinates: 49°56’35”N 24°59’0”E

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