Pidhirtsi castle

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In the small village of Pidhirtsi, hundreds of curious tourists meets the mysterious castle with a ghost. There are often unexplained phenomena.
To refute or confirm the anomalies of the castle, do not just eat the researchers, psychics.

In 2010, on the grounds of the castle took place very famous Ukrainian project “Battle of psychics”
The main purpose is to give an explanation, to confirm or refute a couple normality castle.
Find the answer to what is happening at the castle, just a group of American researchers fed “Ghost Hunters International”. In just a few days of work, thanks to modern equipment, the team was able to capture and document the many unexplained anomalies, from which there are more questions than answers.
Video report of their work can be viewed here Ghostbusters

Analogical study conducted another group of experts, which is engaged in the exploration and study of the so-called “places of power” throughout Ukraine. View the result of the work done, a video report about Pidhirtsi castle here.  Pidhirtsi Castle, ghosts

Within the walls of the castle happened a lot of interesting, historical, tragic events.
Its foundation dates back to 1530, for his century, survived the devastation, restoration, fire, repeatedly changed owners.
Pidhirtsi Castle was rightly considered by the beautiful palace of Eastern Europe, there are often grandiose balls.
These nobles gathered from all around the castle visited European monarchs, the Russian Tsar Peter I, known architects and artists.

Interesting Facts:
1. Zolochiv Castle, part of the tourist route “Golden Horseshoe” Lviv.
They include: Zolochiv castle, Pidhirtsi castle, Olesko castle and svirzh castle.
2. The walls of the castle Podgoretskii filmed scenes of the famous film “The Three Musketeers,” “The Flood”, “Bogdan Khmelnitsky”.

The history of the castle Podgoretskii

Address: village. Pidhirtsi, ul. Castle, Brody district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°56’35”N 24°59’0”E

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