Weekend tourist route in Ukraine

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Traveling in Ukraine is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family, escape from routine affairs, organize outdoor recreation, visit resorts on the Black Sea, ski and sports complexes of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Ukrainian caves, lakes, tournaments, festivals, interesting tourist locations, historical and natural sights of Ukraine or conquer the peaks of the mountains. Moreover, on the territory of our country there are incredibly many tourist places for relaxing on the sea, green tourism or extreme recreation. The main thing is to decide what exactly you want, a vacation in the Carpathians, a beach vacation, a tour of the castles of Ukraine, dream of getting to the uninhabited island of Dzharylgach, or you are more interested in the Askania-Nova Nature Reserve and the Aleshki Sands safari.

If you are planning an independent trip to Ukraine by car and you are particularly interested in weekend travel routes in Ukraine, then this route may interest you: Tarakanovsky Fort – Dubensky Castle – Lutsk Castle – Tunnel of Love.

The tourist route is designed for one day. Its total length is 113 + \ – 20 kilometers. The starting point is the village of Tarakanov of the Dubensky district. Once a former strategically important military facility, and today a popular attraction of the Rivne region, it is very interesting for both adults and children.

The next tourist location along the route is Dubensky Castle.
Its impregnable walls held the defenses of more than 100 sieges. Mura Castle, in the entire history, and no one was able to conquer although many intended.
In the halls of the ancient building, historical decisions of Eastern Europe and not only were made.

Nowadays, Lutsk Castle is the only historical castle building, well preserved in Ukraine, which dates back to the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Its walls, as before, proudly rise to heaven, recalling the old days of the region.

The weekend tourist route finish is the most recognizable and popular tourist location of Ukraine “Tunnel of Love”.
Favorite place for couples in love!
Therefore, they often declare their love, offer a hand and heart, and also conduct a wedding photo shoot.

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