Preserve Askania Nova

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Askania-Nova is a unique nature reserve, which is located among the wild Kherson steppes.
Pride and the main attraction of the Kherson region is fascinating with its pristine untouched beauty. Spacious steppes of the biosphere reserve did not concern the hand of a man, his lands never succumbed to processing.
Here, in complete harmony, flora and fauna are intertwined creating a unique paradise.

On the territory of Ukraine there are many reserves, but Askania-Nova is a unique and unique nature reserve in Europe, which is worth a visit to everyone.
It is known and admired about it outside of our country, a unique miracle of nature is mentioned on the pages of famous world guides and textbooks.
On the magnificent expanses of the reserve, films were shot several times.
Favorite writer of many Ukrainians Oles Gonchar, described the wild paradise on pages
Famous novel “Tavria”.
Many foreign and Ukrainian travel agencies have included the reserve in the list of popular routes of Ukraine. Therefore, it is very crowded, especially in the summer.

The total area of the biosphere reserve Askania Nova is 33,000 hectares.
The territory is divided into a steppe zone, a zoo and a magnificent dendrological park, where you can spend your time wonderfully.
The vegetation world of the reserve is very rich, there are more than 800 species of plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

On the open steppes in the natural environment of the reserve there live rare animals that are brought here from different parts of the world.
Here live bison, donkeys, deer, two-humped camels, fallow deer, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, antelope, nilgau, gayali, antelope, llama, pony, wild horses of Prozhevalsky and many others.

Impressive is the incredible variety of birds in the reserve. Here you will see pheasants, amazing pink flamingos, cranes, ostriches, geese, parrots, eagles, peacocks.

Special attention should be paid to the arboretum, which consists of a magnificent botanical park, oak trees, a unique forest-steppe zone.
Walking in the territory in front of you will open an amazing panorama to the surroundings, and from
Pleasant memories will remain.

Interesting facts about the reserve “Askania-Nova”:

In 2007, the whole world recognized the unique and unique biosphere reserve, thanks to the prestigious international contest “Seven new natural wonders”

In 2008, the Askania-Nova reserve won a deserved victory in the contest “7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine”.

In the magnificent expanses of the Askania-Nova Reserve, a well-known and
A very interesting film “The Amazing Story”

How to get there:
You can get to the reserve by car or bus, which runs daily along the route “Kherson – Askania-Nova”.

Adress: st. Frunze 13, settlement Askania-Nova, Chaplinsky district, Kherson region.

GPS coordinates: GPS: 46°27’32’’N, 33°52’3’’E

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