Auto route “Castles of Transcarpathia”

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Traveling in Ukraine is a great opportunity to visit popular tourist places, festivals, resorts, historical and natural sights of Ukraine, to get to know your land, spend time with your family and add variety to everyday leisure. Indeed, in Ukraine there are more than enough unique tourist sites where you can relax in the summer on weekends.

If you are planning a vacation in the Ukrainian Carpathians to brightly and unforgetably spend your weekend and you are interested in popular tourist routes in Ukraine, then you should pay attention to the auto route to the Carpathians: Uzhgorod Castle – Nevitsky Castle – Mukachevo Castle – St. Miklosh Castle in Chinadievo. Be sure the unique sights of the Transcarpathian region, the nature and architecture of ancient castles leave the most vivid and unforgettable impressions of the time spent here

Your independent car trip to the Transcarpathian region will take a whole day, although the total length of the route is only 80 kilometers. The starting point of your tour is Uzhgorod Castle, which is rightly considered the most popular attraction of the Transcarpathian region and the oldest castle in Ukraine.

Continuing your journey through the castles of Transcarpathia, the next destination is the Nevytsky Castle. It deserves special attention among connoisseurs of ancient architecture, having the status of a unique castle of Transcarpathia of the XIII century, analogues of which have not survived to our time in Europe. Do not miss the opportunity to touch a great piece of history.

The next interesting tourist place and the continuation of your one-day excursion to the castles of Transcarpathia is the city of Mukachevo and its beautiful castle Palanok. It stands motionless and proudly on top of a mountain of volcanic origin, like a guard at a post, silently guarding the city and the peace of its inhabitants

A good conclusion to your family trip to the Ukrainian Carpathians will be the legendary St. Miklosh Castle, which today is considered the cultural center of Transcarpathia. After all, wedding ceremonies, tournaments, various exhibitions and performances are often held here, theatrical programs, master classes and festivals are presented.

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