Tourist route in Ukraine by car

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Of course, any trip to Ukraine is a great opportunity not only to have a wonderful time with your family, but also to get to know your country better. Moreover, there are incredibly many tourist locations for recreation in Ukraine. Therefore, if you are a subtle nature and if for you rest, then only nature, then the best tourist route in Ukraine: Ski resort Migovo – Zalishchyky – Dzhurinsky waterfall and the ruins of Chervonogradsky castle, then what you need!

Perhaps it is important to note that online travel guides for independent travel are trending today more than ever. After all, against the backdrop of restrictions due to the pandemic, we are all so tired. Accordingly, green tourism and a visit to the historical and natural sights of Ukraine is simply a vital necessity. And ready-made tourist routes in Ukraine, any tips for auto travel and the best sites for tourists, this is a great tool to plan a weekend getaway.

This tourist route is designed for weekends. The total length is only 105 + \ – 10 kilometers. The starting point is the village of Migovo, Vizhnitsky district, Chernivtsi region. Then the Dniester canyon in Zalishchyky awaits you and at the finish the village of Nyrkov with its waterfall and castle ruins.

In Migovo, you can organize a weekend getaway at any time of the year. In winter, it is skiing, snowboarding and sledging. In summer – outdoor pools, climbing walls, cycling, tennis, kayaking down the river, horseback riding, walking tours and many other modern entertainments.

Having rested properly in Myhovo, we head to the town of Zalishchyky, or rather to the very border of the Ternopil and Chernivtsi regions, which runs through the village of Khreshchatyk. Since the peninsula is best viewed from this settlement. On the observation deck, a wonderful panorama of the Dniester canyon in Zalishchyky will open in front of you.

The end of the route will be the village of Nyrkov, where you can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and the ruins of the castle. The local place is ideal for those who prefer green tourism, cycling, festivals, camping, picnic and barbecue. And also, this tourist place attracted professional photographers, as the photos come out here just super.

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