Car route in Chernihiv region

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Traveling in Ukraine is the best decision to discover something new, organize a long-awaited outdoor recreation, visit popular resorts on the Black Sea, tourist places, festivals or historical and natural sights of Ukraine. Moreover, in the vastness of our country there are more than enough options for an active vacation on the sea in summer, family travel or green tourism. Accordingly, puzzling yourself with the question “Where to relax in Ukraine in the summer?” not worth it.
The main thing is to decide how you want to spend your leisure time, it should be extreme tourism, outdoor activities in the Carpathians, outdoor recreation by the lake, a tour of Ukrainian castles, a tour to the Chernobyl zone or you are more interested in the resorts of Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa.

If you prefer an independent trip to Ukraine and you are interested in popular tourist routes in Ukraine or only the sights of the Chernihiv region, then you should pay attention to the auto route in Chernihiv: Citadel of Baturinsky Fortress – Trostyanets Park – Galaganov Palace, Sokirintsy – National Historical cultural reserve “Kachanivka”.
Rest assured, the nature and unique architecture of the palace ensemble leave the most vivid impressions about your vacation here.

Independent car travel in the Chernihiv region is designed for one day. The total length of the route is only 143 kilometers. The starting point of your upcoming and exciting leisure is Baturin, once the hetman capital of Left-Bank Ukraine. Here you will see: Razumovsky Palace, the Resurrection Church, the national historical and cultural Getman Capital Park and Baturin Fortress.

The next tourist place and the continuation of your auto route in the Chernihiv region is the Trostyanets arboretum. It is very calm and cozy, a great option for a weekend, outdoor recreation with a child. Moreover, you can come here at any time of the year and enjoy the surrounding panorama.

Nowadays, the Galaganov Palace is not as neat as before, but it still fascinates guests with its sophistication and beauty. The unique layout of the romantic structure, its decorative dome in the center, columns, alley, ramp that smoothly descends to the park area harmoniously complement each other.

The proposed automobile route in the Chernihiv region, as the best idea for a family vacation, will finish at the Kachanovka National Historical and Cultural Reserve, where a peaceful atmosphere reigns. The local tourist area is a kind of journey into the distant and at the same time mysterious past.

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