Auto route in the Vinnitsa region

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Traveling in Ukraine is a good opportunity to escape from work and tiresome everyday life, relieve stress, discover something new, relax in nature, visit the most popular tourist places and resorts on the Black Sea, various tournaments, festivals or historical and natural sights of Ukraine .
Moreover, on the territory of our country there are a lot of worthy options for active holidays on the sea, family travels, green tourism and extreme recreation.
Therefore, do not be puzzled by the questions “Where to relax in Ukraine in the summer?” or Where to go on a family weekend? The main thing is to decide on your preferences and decide whether it should be a vacation in the Carpathians, active rest on the sea, quiet leisure in nature by the lake, a tour of castles of Ukraine and caves or you are more interested in the popular resorts of the Nikolaev region, Kherson and Odessa.

If you decide to organize an independent trip to Ukraine and you are interested in the most popular tourist routes in Ukraine for one day or only the sights of Vinnitsa and the region, then I recommend paying attention to the auto route in the Vinnitsa region: Vinnitsa fountain “ROSHEN” – Potocki Palace. Tulchin – Gaydamatsky Yar, Bushansky castle and Cossack cemetery.

Independent car travel in the Vinnitsa region, a good option for a weekend break. The length of the route is 170 kilometers.
The starting point is the city of Vinnitsa. Here you will find an amazing sight of a floating fountain, which is considered the largest in Europe and Ukraine. A great place for romantics and connoisseurs of colorful shows.

The continuation of your trip to the Vinnitsa region will be the Potocki Palace, where magnificent balls were once held. The best craftsmen and designers of the time worked on the creation of the palace, among which were beaten by the famous French architect La Croix and designer Merckx. Using the classical style, the masters created an architectural masterpiece of the time.

Among the numerous tourist places on the territory of Ukraine, the Bush village deserves special attention.
Within the reserve you will see unusual sculptures, the canyon of the Bushanka river “Gaidamatsky Yar”, the Museum of Ethnography, the Bushkin Tower, the Cossack cemetery and the rock temple.

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