The best tourist route in the Chernihiv region

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Undoubtedly, tourism in Ukraine is relevant at any time of the year. But most often, for most of us, if there is a vacation, then it is, as a rule, the summer season. Someone prefers rest on the Black Sea, others are only interested in the historical sights of Ukraine, third cycle tourism, festivals or green tourism. Naturally, everyone has their own preferences and this is quite normal. Moreover, the tourist places of Ukraine and their variety can surprise even the most experienced traveler. Therefore, if your plans set a goal, in the near future, to organize family travel and you are interested in the best tourist routes in Ukraine, then pay attention to the car route through the Chernihiv region for independent travel: Chernigov – Blue Lakes. Oleshnya – Sednev – Mezin – Novgorod-Seversky – Baturin – Kruty

According to psychologists, life in a big city and everyday routine is stress and constant tension. Therefore, it is so important to rest more often and do what you love, outside of school or work. No matter how trite it may sound, but nature, a new environment, communication or extreme tourism is the best antidepressant. Even if you cannot afford a long vacation for various reasons, but at the same time you live near Chernihiv region. Then this direction will be an ideal option to organize a vacation for the May holidays, summer leisure, a picnic in nature, fishing or discover interesting places in the Chernihiv region.

Naturally, the website for tourists Travels-ukraine provides a ready-made tourist route in the Chernihiv region, but as part of an independent trip, you can adjust it at your discretion. If you describe this road route in a nutshell and pay attention to the main points, then it should be noted: the roads are good, there are enough decent hotels, restaurants and cafes. The total length of the route from the start point to the finish line is 505 km. It will take you two to three days in time. Standard weekend getaway!

And so, the city of Chernihiv is the starting point of an excursion to the forgotten, mystical, legendary, majestic, unique monuments of history and architecture that have survived to our time from the time of the princely and Cossack eras.

The cultural heritage of Chernigov is striking in its beauty, sophistication and uniqueness. Rest assured, the tourist has a lot to see and do here. Naturally, the most popular tourist location in Chernigov is Detinets or the central park in Chernigov with its flower alleys, fountains, observation platforms and cathedrals.

The next tourist location along the given route is the Blue Lakes complex where you can have a great time outdoors, gain vivid impressions, enjoy the wild nature, improve your health, go fishing, picking mushrooms or forest berries. As part of the development of domestic tourism in Ukraine, festivals are regularly held here.

Tourist Sednev

Traveling in Ukraine is a great opportunity to discover provincial towns with great tourism potential. Sednev is just that case. Therefore, if possible, still take a couple of hours of your time to visit the sights of Sednev, and these are several churches, the Lizogubs’ manor and park. Among all the locations, the St. George Church, where the film Viy was filmed, enjoys great attention.

There is simply no better place for outdoor recreation, especially when it comes to family leisure. You will be able to see for yourself the truthfulness of the words when you discover all the beauty of the natural park. It is not for nothing that this place is called “Mezin Switzerland”. The status corresponds to 100%. The park area occupies a very large area, where there are many hiking trails, fishing and picnic spots.

Tourist Novgorod-Seversky

The history of the city began in the 6th century. Much has changed until our time, but its name, in its original form, has nevertheless been preserved. Today there are no corrals for the troops of Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich or the Mongol-Tatar horde. Under a peaceful sky, a calm life proceeds at a measured pace, and only about the once turbulent history of the region remind the sights of Novgorod-Seversky, which deserve attention.

If you are puzzled by the question of where to go for the weekend with your child? Or you are picking up the best ideas for a cultural family vacation in the Chernihiv region. And so that it would be useful for general development and interesting, then the Citadel of the Baturin Fortress is the very thing! An exciting pastime and vivid memories, you are guaranteed.


The finishing point of the tourist route in the Chernihiv region will be the village of Kruty. Naturally, this is not a place for entertainment, but I think it is worth each of us to honor the memory of the dead students, who became an obstacle for the Bolsheviks in the attack on Kiev. Today, a memorial has been erected here so that the younger generation will always remember this historical event and not be hammered at what cost the Ukrainian people retained their identity.

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