Kherson – Aleshkovsky Sands – Askania-Nova

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An independent trip to Ukraine is a great opportunity to visit the historical and natural sights of the Kherson region, get to know your country better, add variety to your everyday leisure and get a vivid experience. Indeed, in our country there are a lot of unique tourist places where you can relax in the summer and which, definitely, is worth seeing.

To brightly spend an active holiday for the weekend in Ukraine, enjoying nature, it is not at all necessary to leave its borders. Indeed, each region of our country, without exception, is actively developing domestic tourism in Ukraine, ennobled by new tourist destinations for family travel and green tourism. Kherson region is a vivid example of this!
Therefore, if you are interested in popular tourist routes in Ukraine and you do not know where to relax in the Kherson region, not taking into account beach holidays and resorts of the Kherson region, then pay attention to the route Kherson – Oleshkovsky Sands – Askania-Nova.
Vivid and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!


Your car trip in the Kherson region will take only 1 day, since the route itself has a small mileage of -167 km. The start of your independent tour starts from the tourist Kherson, where you can get to know more closely its architecture and interesting places that deserve your attention: Kherson Fortress, St. Catherine’s Cathedral, Taras Shevchenko Park and naturally Glory Park.

The next attraction on your route is Aleshkovsky Sands, which is most often called “Ukrainian Sugar”. The sandy massif is especially popular among fans of extreme relaxation. The territory of the national park you can walk on your own or with a guide on a safe route. But then you need to pre-book an excursion to Aleshkovsky Sands.

Your journey through the south of Ukraine will end in the wild steppes of the Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve. Strolling his possessions, a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area, rich flora and fauna will open before your eyes. Over 800 species of unique plants grow here, rare animals and birds live, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

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