Tarakanovskiy Fort, Tarakanov

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Each time, picking a new route to the weekend, do not cease to be surprised by the unique
Sights of Ukraine.
Our magnificent country can surprise even the experienced tourist, having won heart once and for all.
In recent years, tourism in Ukraine has become very popular.
People share their impressions about the rest, publishing great photos
In blogs for tourists or on tourist sites, describing the route and their impressions.
Many of us, viewing an amazing panorama on the photos of friends, can not believe
That this or that landmark is in Ukraine.

Tarakanovskiy fort or it is also called Dubenskaya fortress, a very interesting place
With a rich history and legends, which deserves special attention.
Unfortunately, the fort is not in the best condition as we would like, from the former glory were only
Ruins and history.
It is simply impossible to restore a unique structure, even with a great desire.
The reason is banal, formally the fort belongs to the Ministry of Defense, which turn
Does not want to transfer it to the care of the local authorities.

Being among the ruins, it seems like you are in another dimension.
It’s not scary at all, but not calm, in a word, a mystical place.
Walking around the territory be careful and do not forget to take a flashlight, it’s very
Come in handy

Legends of the Tarakan Fortress:

Local residents long abandoned fortification called the City of Ghosts.
Many argue that repeatedly highlight here the ghosts of dead soldiers, whose souls
Still can not find peace.
Even the hours here behave very strange, the arrows then accelerate, then slow down their course.

In another legend we are talking about the secret laboratory of the Germans, where secret tests were conducted.
As a result, the scientists managed to create a miracle of people with super abilities.
When they retreated, they decided to pour concrete on everything that could lead to the laboratory.
Since then, the results and research results are hidden under the ball of concrete far away
From spacious eyes.

Interesting facts about Tarakanovsky Fort:

1 Tarakanovskiy Fort will appear in the computer game, the development of which is engaged
Known Ukrainian company Vostok Games.

2 Some episodes of the famous movie “The Leader, were shot in the Tarakanovsky Fort.

How to get to Tarakanovo Fort

From the road Kiev – Chop near the cemetery we turn off to Tarakanov village, we move to the railway, then turn right.
Further, on a dirt road, you need to drive about 800 m to the rise, then turn left.
Approximately 100 meters you will see a tunnel through which you need to go to get to the fort.

Places of interest in the Dubna region: Duben Castle, St. Anne’s Spring


Tarakanovskiy fort. History.Mystic FortTop secret
Address: with. Tarakanov, Dubensky district, Rivne region.

GPS coordinates: 50°21’47”N, 25°42’56”E

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