Tunnel of love

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In the vastness of Rivne, hiding the most romantic corner in the Ukraine, “Tunnel of Love”.
Here come the hundreds of tourists, especially falling in love bet from different parts of our country.
The romantic atmosphere is a declaration of love to each other, offering his hand and heart, arrange a wedding photo and video shoot.
Sometimes it seems that nature has created this miracle for the people as a reminder of the high and pure
feelings of “love”, of which we are often unsuccessful.
Here, a special atmosphere, you feel so relaxed and comfortable that does not want to return to the everyday gray weekdays.

Visit the tunnel of love, you can be at any time of the year.
In any season, it’s great!

In the summer, it seems as if you are in a fairy world.
With each step, looking around, expecting to see the tiny fairies and gnomes of the pages of your favorite childhood fairy tale.

Most of all I like the tunnel of love in autumn.
The breeze brings indescribable fragrance golden foliage.
Before the eyes of a nice autumn panorama which simply can not score.
Z is far heard the birds singing, the rustle of leaves, so that soothes and relieves fatigue.

In winter, there is an atmosphere of an enchanted forest, which can wake up at any time
from the flick of the wrist.
Winter Tunnel of Love naveivaet memories of the Snow Queen, which is about promchitsya
zasnezhёnnomu on the way.
Stiffened and coated with frost Belim branches, creating an incredible winter landscape.

The origin of the Tunnel of Love
During the period of the Soviet Union, the military received the order in a short time to lay railway tracks to classified at the time a military base, and the mask object.
Naturally, this order is made beat, very bistro.
Excellent natural screen from prying eyes were dense thickets of trees.
Over time, the military no longer cut trees, giving Woleu nature, and she, in turn, has created a wonderful paradise.
Today, the military trains do not move on the railway tracks.
Paths are used to transport timber.
Therefore, at the time of romantic walks, be very careful!

How to get to the Tunnel of Love
By public transport:
By train or bus get in Rivne, then we eat on any bus in the direction of Lutsk.
Let’s go to the station at the railway. Station village .Klevan, and there walking through an abandoned Peron the signs go to the tunnel.
At the time of the Rivne .Klevan to town, about 30 minutes drive away.
By car:
Well here it is very easy!
We make convenient route map Rivne, further along the road going to the village H22 Klevan.
Moving to the railway station, and then walk through an abandoned Peron the signs go to the tunnel.
Walk takes about 250 meters, will not get lost.

Tunnel of love interesting facts:
In 2014 there were shooting the romantic drama “Klevan: Tunnel of Love” directed by tape known Japanese Akiyoshi Imazaki.

Surrounding Attractions: Klevansky Castle, Church of the Nativity (Klevan), the Annunciation church (Klevan).

Address: town Klevan, Rivne region.

GPS coordinates: 50°45’4”N 26°2’36”E

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