Tourist route in the Zhytomyr region

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Today, it is not at all necessary to fly or go somewhere far to a foreign country to enjoy the beauty of picturesque locations and have a great rest surrounded by nature. I assure you, tourist Ukraine can surprise even the most experienced traveler.

This thematic heading combines a selection of the best destinations for interesting travel in the Zhytomyr region, thereby replenishing the already large list of Ready tourist routes in Ukraine. Now there is no need to plan your leisure time on your own, it is enough to take note of a ready-made solution, adjusting it to fit your needs.

Travels-ukraine.com has prepared for you an interesting 2-day car route around the Zhytomyr region. And if you know that you are 100% ready to go on a trip, then, as the people say, pack your bags! We are embarking on an exciting adventure.

There are more than enough interesting tourist locations in the Zhytomyr region, but Kamennoye Selo deserves special attention. The tract is shrouded in mysticism and secrets. Indeed, very strange things are happening here, which are difficult to accept or simply explain. Abnormal phenomena or glowing balls have long been the norm in this place. Apparently, it was not in vain that the magi and priests once took a fancy to the local area.

White shores, sandy beaches, turquoise waters and forests are what awaits you in this amazing place. It’s really beautiful here! Therefore, it is not surprising that the magnificent landscapes of the picturesque Druzhbovsky quarry are often compared to Pamukkale in Turkey. Indeed, for fans of a bright photo shoot, rest with a tent and barbecue, there is no better place!

In the northern part of Ukraine, closer to the Belarusian border, accompanied by a guide, you can walk through the untouched and remote places of Zhytomyr Polesie. Among the taiga forests and bogs, life somehow proceeds differently, shielding itself from human influence. The abundance of flora and fauna delights wildlife lovers. There are very few places like this all over the world, so don’t miss the opportunity to see this beauty with your own eyes!

Today, the quarry is not very well known among tourists, but this is for now! A new attraction of the Zhytomyr region, which is located not so far from Kiev, is rapidly gaining popularity. The location is perfect for relaxing outdoor activities, fishing, gathering around a campfire, camping and swimming in clean water.

If you have always dreamed of diving, then a small lake, at the bottom of which there is an underwater museum, is a great option for your active leisure. Accompanied by an instructor, at a depth of 15 meters, you can discover something new and exciting. The water in the flooded quarry is clean, warm and very soft. Swimming here is a pleasure!

Continuing the tourist route through the Zhytomyr region, it is worth looking into another equally interesting place – the Radomyshl Castle. The construction of the 17th century will brightly complement your day. The special charm of architecture, a leisurely stroll along the pond and park area, researching sculptures, a museum, a restaurant, a hotel and an exciting excursion program will not let you get bored!

Among the coniferous forest and surrounded by huge granite rocks, there is a very picturesque lake of artificial origin. The landscapes of the tourist location can be seen not only in reality, but also in the plots of the films: The Watchtower, The Witch, The Sniffer. Today, the Korostyshevsky quarry is a very popular destination among tourists. After all, the proximity to the capital and convenient transport interchange made their contribution.

Teterevsky canyon

If you are one of those who ask the question: “Where to go and what to see in the Zhytomyr region?” And it is imperative that there is the beauty of nature around. Then Teterevsky canyon is what you need! After all, the tourist location is not in vain included in the five most picturesque canyons on the territory of Ukraine. From the granite rocks and the high bank, a magnificent panorama opens up, which is exquisitely complemented by dense vegetation and waterfalls.

Humanity by its nature is capable of not only destroying, but also can create something truly beautiful. The fisherman’s house in the village of Stary Solotvin is a vivid example of this. At any time of the year, here, as if in a fairy tale! The romantic atmosphere of this place especially attracted couples in love, which is probably why, according to tradition, wedding corteges come here every weekend for a bright and unforgettable photo session.

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