Korostyshevsky quarry

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Just 30 kilometers from the magnificent city of Zhytomyr, almost along the Kiev-Chop highway, sheltered at least an artificial but very picturesque lake.
It was formed on the site of a once working granite quarry, which was flooded over time. Today this place is known among tourists as the Korostyshevsky Canyon, where you can have a great free time.
From the rocky coast is breathtaking, their height reaches almost 10 meters.
Huge granite cliffs surround the lake with a depth of more than 20 m, the coniferous forest spreads around the entire perimeter creating a unique atmosphere of coziness.
Saturated with the aroma of pine needles, clean air and a turquoise hue of water, the enchanting landscape of the surroundings leave the best memories of the time spent here.
Here you will have the opportunity to swim in the purest water, soak up the sun, go mountain climbing, set up a tent and cook kebabs.

Perhaps the most favorite place for vacationers is a wooden bridge.
It offers a wonderful view of both the lake and the forest ranger’s house, which rises lonely opposite the cliff.
The landscape here is so beautiful that I want to stay in this paradise forever.
Therefore, it is not surprising and far from accidental that it was here that individual stories of films were shot: Watchtower, Witch, Snuffler.

A brief history of the Korostyshevsky quarry

The first stages of granite mining, in the local region, started in 1850.
Korostyshevsky quarry has become an important facility for the production of labradorite.
It is used as a decorative and ornamental stone and high-quality facing material in monumental architecture.
In the quarry, gabbro, which was used in construction, for the manufacture of crushed stone and monuments was also actively mined. Korostyshevsky quarry is rich in deposits of gray granite.

By 1890, the seemingly inconspicuous city of Korostyshev had become a very famous industrial center for the extraction and processing of labradorite, gabbro and gray granite.
Three stone-carving workshops functioned here.

I think it will be interesting for you to know that on the territory of the Korostyshevsky quarry in 1930, several of the best masters of the time scrupulously worked on a 60-ton black labradorite. The processing of massive stone was led by the famous architect A.V. Shchusev.
Upon completion of the work, the labradorite was delivered to Moscow, where it was used as a monolith for the mausoleum of V.I. Lenin.

Korostyshevsky quarry stopped its work almost immediately, as soon as Ukraine gained the status of an independent country. The company was renamed into a joint stock company.
Subsequently, the extraction and processing of granite ceased, and the quarry was flooded.
Today, a quarry is an artificial lake where you can relax and enjoy nature.

How to get to Korostyshevsky career?

If you start from the side of Kiev, follow the E40 highway in the direction of Korostyshev, then after the exit to the city itself, turn left at the second turn, then be sure to keep the course straight and you are in place.

Nearby Attractions

If your schedule has some free time, then you can visit several interesting sights near the quarry.

1. The ruins of the palace of Tereshchenko and the steep wall of the canyon, Denishi. These attractions are only 52 km drive from the city of Korostyshev.

2. Center for the rescue of bears “Hope”, the village of Berezovka. From the city of Korostyshev you need to overcome 50 km.

3. Himmler’s rate. The facility is located in the village of Guiva, it is 40 km from the city of Korostyshev or 8 km from Zhytomyr.

4. Castle Radomysl. From the city of Korostyshev it is located only 42 kilometers away.

Korostyshevsky quarry, Video review

Address: Korostyshev, quarry, Zhytomyr region.

GPS coordinates: 50°18′54″ с. ш. 29°05′35″ в. д  

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