Polessky reserve

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The history of the nature of this land is a continuous confrontation with the elements, invaders and time. Different inhabitants managed to find their place here. At all times, the most terrible and dangerous predator on Earth – man – has impudently and without respect claimed this beautiful land. Many centuries have gone into oblivion, but the nature of the Polesie Reserve did not give up and is confidently winning back everything that was lost, preserving its uniqueness and originality.

In the north of Ukraine, closer to the Belarusian border, untouched and even remote places of the reserved Zhytomyr Polesie have spread their possessions. The land of taiga forests and bogs, where its life slowly proceeds away from human influence, pleases with an abundance of flora and fauna for fans of wildlife.

The well-trodden paths of wild animals still meander with forest khash, sand dunes and swamps, as they once did in prehistoric times. The unique forest-swamp world was created in the process of the melting of the last glacier, the water flows of which began to linger, and eventually turned into endless swamps and interfluves.

Polesie reserve, nature

The protected lands of Polesie are geographically located simultaneously in three river valleys: Ubort, the wild waters of which are well known among amateurs, go on a fascinating kayaking, r. Marshes, as well as the river Perga.

On an area of ​​20 thousand hectares, which is almost 27 km long, a huge variety of coniferous and deciduous trees grows, they also form a mixed forest with beautiful landscapes in a duet, which occupies most of the entire area of ​​the reserved Polesie. A feature of the local forest ecosystem is high humidity. Therefore, all year round, there is a coolness and invigorating freshness.

In the forest, you can see not only ordinary plants, but also rare specimens listed in the Red Book. For those who love to pick wild berries and mushrooms, there is no better place to be found!

The world of animals and birds in the Polesie nature reserve is no less diverse. Here you can find: elk, wild boar, wolf, lynx, badger, hazel grouse, wood grouse, gray crane, bearded owl or black grouse.

Polesie nature reserve for tourists

Picturesque landscapes, which are not inferior in their beauty to the Ukrainian Carpathians, make the Polesie Reserve a very attractive and interesting tourist destination for outdoor recreation.

On the territory of the reserve complex in Polesie, you can visit a small but cozy recreation center, where a tourist has the opportunity to stay in a wooden house and have a tasty meal. In the same place, if you wish to take a walk around the reserve accompanied by a guide or pick mushrooms and berries, you can order an excursion. There are several of them here: thematic, educational, local history, there are fascinating master classes.

In the nature reserve there is a museum “Drevlyanskaya village”, which displays exhibits reflecting the life, craft and religion of the ancient Polesie tribes. All the buildings of the museum are located in the very small village of Selezovka, and these are: the Rural Estate Museum, a very interesting museum of stones, a water mill, a pagan Sanctuary and much more.

In this beautiful place, you can not only surround yourself with nature and live in a log cabin, but also find out what technology was used to smelt iron directly from swamp ore in ancient times, or how bees were raised and honey was extracted.

Author ⁞ Grebovich N.I ⁞ 11/29/2021

Address: s. Selezovka, Ovruch district, Zhytomyr region.

GPS coordinates: 51°32′05″ с. ш. 28°06′20″ в. д.

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