Love Fisherman’s House

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Interesting tourist places of Ukraine are incredibly diverse, which differ from each other in uniqueness, history of origin and legends. Today, every region of our country can surprise even the most experienced tourist, providing the opportunity to spend their free time splendidly, regardless of personal preferences and hobbies.

Zhytomyr region is no exception. The region is an ideal place for outdoor recreation, cycling, fishing, diving, picnic and extreme tourism. Therefore, if you are wondering: “Where to relax in Ukraine in the summer in nature?”, Then pay attention to the popular sights of the Zhytomyr region.

Naturally, each tourist location deserves attention, but one of the most recognizable and most visited natural sites in Polesie is the fisherman’s house on the island of love in the village of Old Solotvin.

Every weekend, regardless of the time of year and weather conditions, wedding processions for photo and video shooting against the backdrop of the amazing beauty of the place have already come here.

Fisherman’s house on the island of love, today

Fortunately, a person can not only destroy, but also create something beautiful, and if the process proceeds in a duet with nature, a real masterpiece is obtained. The fisherman’s house on the island of love is a visual aid, since the local attraction was created artificially. Initially, it was a piecewise sprinkled tiny island, but over time, a cozy wooden house for fishermen was built on it and a bridge was built.

The trees that grow here give the island special beauty – it is they who create a fabulous and romantic atmosphere. Due to its picturesque view, the local location is very popular, so many travel enthusiasts specially select tourist routes in Ukraine to see this beauty.

Fisherman’s house on the island of love, interesting facts

  1. It should be noted that today the fisherman’s house on the island of love is not only a popular location for wedding photo and video shooting, but also a great place for cinematography. It was here that individual shots for the series “Molfar” were captured.
  2. Sometimes famous music groups shoot their videos here. For example, a group BRUTTO – 12 monkeys.

Fisherman’s house on the island of love for tourists

The island of love itself is small, so there are no museums or modern cafes familiar to us. The only entertainment for guests is fishing, camping in the tent, as well as photo and video shooting at any time of the year, time of day and weather against a picturesque view.

Therefore, for those who love green tourism in Ukraine, they can independently arrange a camping site opposite the islet, enjoying the magnificent panorama of the surroundings.

How to get to the fisherman’s house on the island of love?

The proximity to Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa and Kiev allows you to organize a wonderful weekend break, it doesn’t matter if you prefer an independent trip to Ukraine by car or plan to book a sightseeing tour.

In any case, getting to the village of Stary Solotvin, where the fisherman’s house is located on Love Island, is not at all difficult.
There are several options:

  1. By car – from Zhytomyr to the village of Old Solotvin, only 37 km, from Vinnitsa to the village of Stary Solotvin – 105 kilometers, Kiev – the village of Stary Solotvin for almost 180 km.
  2. By train – in this case, head towards the village of Reya, and then walk to the village of Old Solotvin. Your walk takes about an hour.
  3. By bus – it all depends on your starting point, there are direct flights from Zhytomyr, but there are passing ones.

Nearest sights within 100 km

Korostyshevsky quarry – from the village of Stary Solotvin, only 65 kilometers;
Vinnitsa Maldives – a popular attraction of the Vinnitsa region from s. Old Solotvin needs to be overcome a little more than 100 km.

Address: s. Old Solotvin, Berdichevsky district, Zhytomyr region.

GPS coordinates: 50°02’09.9″N 28°41’15.0″E

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