Radomysl Castle

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Modern historians claim that according to official data, over 5,000 ancient castle structures are documented throughout the territory of Ukraine. Some of them are in good condition and are open to tourists. But there are also such castles from which remained in ruins or completely disappeared from the face of the earth, leaving about themselves mentions in historical documents. Fortunately, the Radomysl castle is not among them. He managed to resist and survive very difficult times, preserving his uniqueness and history for the modern generation.

The history of the castle Radomysl

According to historical data and during the restoration work, it was established that earlier on this site was located a paper mill, which was supposedly built in 1612-1615.
The founder of the structure was Elisha Pletnetsky, who also was a well-known archimandrite of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. For a long time the monks were looking for a suitable place for the future factory, until they found this paradise protected by nature itself.
The castle was erected on a granite rock surrounded by water and a magnificent coniferous forest.
From a defensive point of view, this beat the impregnable building, none of the enemies could capture it, except Bogdan Khmelnitsky, before whom the mighty walls could not stand.

In 1902, this place was a mill, which served the nearby population points.
After 1989, the mill ceased to function, turning into another abandoned and unnecessary dark building.

Radomysl Castle today

In 2007, restoration work began here, which ended well in 4 years.
The official opening of the “Castle Radomysl” was held in 2011 on August 30.
Now everyone can visit the historical and cultural complex.
You can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the neighborhood, learn a lot of interesting and informative. In the spacious halls of the castle you will see a wonderful photo exhibition of the building before and ambassadors of restoration, iconic gallery, concert and ceremonial halls, refectory.
If you want to stay in the castle for a while, you can book a room in the hotel VIA REGIA, it is located in the castle itself. The best place for seclusion is just not found.
Particular attention deserves the park, where you will see a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. There is everything for a wonderful holiday: a waterfall, rocks, a river, an island in the form of a heart, a stream, an abundance of flora and fauna.

How to get to Castle Radomysl
In any case, you need to get to the city of Radomyshl.
On arrival, take a taxi or eat on minibus number 2 and get to the castle itself.

The schedule of the Radomysl Castle:
Closed: Monday, Tuesday
Working days: from Wednesday to Sunday (from 10 to 18:00)

Adress: Radomyshl, st. Pletenetsky 15, Zhytomyr region.

GPS coordinates: 50°28’38”N 29°12’59”E

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