Vehicular Transcarpathia

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Route: Palanok Castle – Castle Schonborn – Waterfall Shipot – Rehabilitation Center Brown Bear – Lake Synevir.


Hundreds of travelers in the cozy and picturesque town of Mukachevo, meets a beautiful castle Palanok. Comfortably situated castle on a mountain height of 68 m, the origin of the many surprises the mountain itself. And not for nothing, not a simple twist mountain of volcanic origin.

Dream Castle is located in a cozy village near the Carpathians g Mukachevo.Osnovan in 1890, Count Schönborn-Buhgeymskim.Stroitelstvo residence was carried out with the astronomical uklonom.Okon in the lock 365 which is equal to the number of days a year, 52 rooms is the same number of weeks of the year, 12 inputs and outputs as the months of the year.

In the Transcarpathian region not far from the Pylypets village, in the valley, among old beech trees hiding a waterfall “spikes.” Continuous flow of water down the picturesque cascades from a height of 14 m. Since 1993, the waterfall organize a festival of Ivan Kupala, there are going to thousands of nonconformists from different parts of the country and abroad.

In an area of 12 hectares, in 2011, hit open center for the rehabilitation of brown medvedey.Takoy Center is the only Ukraine.Zdes created excellent conditions for the clumsy, the center sheltered 19 bears of all ages.

About 10 thousand years ago there was an earthquake, then the shift mountains, nature itself has created a wonderful lake “Synevir” also called “Marine Eye” .Ploschad 5 acres with a maximum depth of 22-24 m, Vod temperature even in the hottest period of not more than 11 degrees.

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