Rehabilitation center of the brown bear, Synevir

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In an area of 12 hectares, in 2011, the center is open to beat the rehabilitation of brown bears.
This center is the only one in Ukraine.
Here are created excellent conditions for the clumsy, the center sheltered 19 bears of all ages.
Many of the bears have been no simple way of rehabilitation, after abuse of their owners.
Animals get here in a terrible state, but thanks to the staff, gradually
return to normal life.
Clean air, mountainous terrain, forest positively affect the bears.
Some have already adapted, learned how to build dens, hibernate.

The center is located in the popular tourist route to Lake Synevir.
Here constantly there are tourists, but it does not bother clumsy, we are used to!

Address: village Sinevir, Mizhgirya district, Zakarpattia oblast
GPS coordinates: 48.557611 E 23.653139”E
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