Castle Shenborn

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Fairy Castle is located in a quiet village near the Carpathians g Mukachevo.
Being Shenborn recommend visiting the castle Palanok castle, they are one
tourist route, 18 km from each other.

The history of the castle began in 1890 and became its founder, Count Schönborn-Buhheym.
Earl managed to create a wonderful paradise here often liked to gather nobility across Europe.
And for good reason, it is very nice and cozy!
Rare shrubs and old trees, a pond with swans complement each other.

Construction of the residence was conducted astronomical bias.
For example in the castle windows that 365 is the number of days a year, 52 rooms just as many weeks a year, 12 inputs and outputs as the months of the year.
Even the rates had its meaning, copied the map of Austria-Hungary.
The uniqueness and beauty of the castle at one time fascinated of Hermann Goering (Reichsminister Aviation Third Reich), he wanted to buy the castle, but the sale was denied.

Despite his advanced age, the castle is in good condition.
The area around the well appointed, although not a small 19 ha.

Since 1946, the castle is used as a sanatorium, but admission is free for tourists, ticket price 10 USD.
The amount is symbolic, and impressions of what he saw the sea.

The park is a source of clean and cold water, popularly called “Source of Beauty”
Since it involves a lot of legends, if the wash water from the source of beauty young ensured.

Legends Castle Shenborn:

The walls of the castle to retaining a lot of amazing stories and legends.
As without them!
According to one legend, the castle occasionally see a black ghost of the Countess.
On the advice of quack Earl decided to check allegiance to his wife, he suggested Countess
come down from a high vertical cliff.
Countess of pride was not a simple test, but could not forgive her husband humiliated, heartbroken she threw graph.
After her death, the castle was a ghost of the Countess.
Another legend associated with the “Source of Beauty” or as it is called the “fountain of youth”
Related legend of the grandmother and grandfather who always smoked a pipe.
One grandfather decided to go down to the foot of the mountains, swim in the creek.
| Waited grandmother grandfather could not stand it, down to the creek and saw a young boy with his grandfather pipe.
Clear the essence of the woman and she washed in the creek.
Since they come together every day to the stream, omolodytsya.

Interesting facts about the castle Shenborn:

The castle Shenborn were shooting some scenes of the movie “Seventeen Moments of Spring»

Address: Zakarpattia oblast, village Carpathians, sanatorium “Carpathians».
GPS coordinates: 48°31’29.77”N, 22°52’28.57”E


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