Waterfall Shipot

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In the Transcarpathian region not far from the Pylypets village, in the valley, among old beech trees hiding a waterfall “spikes.”
Continuous flow of water down the picturesque cascades from a height of 14 m, bewitching tourists.
It is very beautiful and peaceful, better place to relax just do not find.
The area is well-groomed, equipped for a comfortable stay.
Login 10 UAH, parking, souvenir shops, campsites, toilet, and 300 meters from the waterfall is a lift.
For 50 USD you can go down to the trolls over the river, although the length of the trolley is small, but the kids like it.

Every year at the waterfall organize a festival of Ivan Kupala, there are going to thousands
informals from all over the country and abroad.
This tradition has taken root and is supported since 1993.

Address: Zakarpattia oblast,  village Pylypets.
GPS coordinates: 48°39’14″N   23°16’10″E
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