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The small town of Zalishchyky considered the pearl of Ternopil.
And no wonder!
Here, the unique climate, hospitable people, and the picturesque area of the peninsula is fascinating.
The city is situated on the left bank, near the border of Ternopil and Bukovina.
Peninsula is best viewed from Khreshchatyk village to get to it you will not be difficult.
From Khreshchatyk village, with a height of over 200 meters, you will have a nice view Zalishchyky, an ideal place for photo and video.
In fine summer weather you can plunge into the Dniester, but be very careful, strong current.

Interesting facts Zalishchyky:

1. When Zalishchyky belonged to Poland in the first bank of the Dniester located nudist beach.
2. In 1939, during the Second World War in Poland was temporarily Zalishchyky government.
3. Mr. Zalishchyky, is a popular tourist route Ternopil region.
The route includes: g Zalishchyky, Dzhurynskyi and Chervonograd ruins of the castle, Maiden Tears Waterfall, Cave hermit.

Attractions Zalishchyky:
Brunitskih Palace (now the Palace plays the role of the hospital).
Zaleschitsky park
The Church of Saint. Stanislaus
National History Museum.

Address: g Zalishchyky, Ternopil region.

GPS coordinates: 48°38’13.92”N, 25°44’3.12”E

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