Cave Monastery. Rozhirche

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Western Ukraine is an amazing land where you can perfectly relax with friends and family, visit a lot of interesting places.
High burn Carpathians shelter dense forest, on this day, a lot of puzzles to answer that simply do not, some guesswork.
Cave Monastery in Rozgiriche village, is one of the many mysteries of the Carpathians.
No one really knows when the monastery was founded by beating, and for what purposes.
It would seem, what questions may arise about its purpose, of course it is a religious object.
This fact can certainly agree, but we can not overlook the fact that such a structure quite atypical for Western Ukraine.

Such rock caves on the territory of Ukraine a lot, where at one time lived out alone ordinary people, giving up all the best.
Perhaps, and this cave monastery appeared due to people that ate shield themselves from the surrounding around the world, and has over time are justified monastery.
The complex is located on a small hill near the village of Rozhirche, which offers a magnificent panorama.

History of the temple
The first mention of the monastery date back to 1460-1469 years.
During the XIV-XVII centuries, the temple belonged to the Basilian Fathers.
About the life of the monks, little is known, they avoided to communicate with outsiders.
Most of the monks kept a vow of silence until the end of his solitary life.
There is credible evidence that they engaged in the apiary and the honey sold to local residents, earning a living.
As a result of archeological excavations on the territory of the temple, beat detect traces of agricultural settlement, presumably 8-7 century BC.
On the walls of the temple are preserved inscriptions, images of saints and symbols to the present day.

The monastery consists of two storeys, the lower and upper.
At the bottom tier are two rooms, one to the will of a large and the other small.
The researchers argue that large room operated as cell for monks.
its products are stored in a smaller room.

On the upper level there was a church.
To get to the monastery at the top can be carved into the rock stairs.
Numerous depressions in the rock indicate that the temple was previously a wooden outhouse.

How to get there:
To reach the monastery, you can from the city by train (get off at the station Stinava-bottom)
or bus to Skole.
Whichever option for themselves choose, you need to get to the turn of the Lower Stinavu.
Go highway Kyiv-Chop, then the freeze on the path going to the bridge.
After crossing the bridge you will find yourself with. Rozhirche.
Note, by the way, you can type mineral Vod.
Next, never deviating move into the village, turn left in the direction of the country club.
Then go right to the very forest, the path ascends to the foot of the “mounds”.
At the time of the beginning of the village to the monastery is 10 minutes from you.

Nearby places of interest: Ski resort “Plai”; Ski Oryavchyk-links; Sports harbor “Tysovets”; Ski resort “Slavske”; Uritsky rocks .Tustan; Lake Dead Kamenka; Waterfall s.Kamenka.

Address: c. Rozhirche, Stryi district, Lviv region.

GPS coordinates: 49°6’53.6”N, 23°42’1.12”E

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