Dzhurynskyi and the ruins of the castle Chervonohrad

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Dzhurynskyi Chervonohrad Castle and the ruins are closely linked by common history and territory.
The only difference is that from Chervonograd castle were only ruins and history, and a waterfall, as before, down the cascades noisily.
In recent years, here come more and more tourists from all over Ukraine.
And no wonder! Here is a very nice, calm and well-groomed, a heavenly place.
Unusually looks valley itself, where the ruins of the castle.
It is very similar to a funnel, abandoned after the fall of the meteorite impressive size.
But unfortunately the true facts that could confirm no.

Dzhurynskyi is considered to be the largest in Ukraine plain waterfall.
The waterfall is 16 meters, the volume of falling water is impressive.
Here you can relax from everyday worries with friends and seven.
By the waterfall there is an opportunity to drive the car, but you need to go down very carefully, stones.
On the meadow we can expand the tent, make a fire.
The territory has a small café, souvenir shops.

I recommend to visit the waterfall Maiden’s Tears and hermit cave, they are far from Dzhurynskyi.

Address: village. Nyrkov ur. Chervonoe, Ternopil region.

GPS coordinates: 48°48’22”N 25°35’2”E

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