Nevitsky castle

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As history has shown, the most important historical events took place in our country, which radically changed the lives of many nations and states.
Visual and indisputable evidence, not surprisingly, are the palaces, fortresses and castles of Ukraine that have survived to our time.
They rise majestically to the heavens, as if reminding the modern generation of past and far from simple times of our ancestors.
Today, almost every region, region of Ukraine has its own unique, architectural structure, which we can be justly proud of.
After all, not every country in the world has such a rich heritage.

Today, Nevitsky castle can be visited by anyone, it deserves special attention among connoisseurs of ancient architecture.
It is rightfully attributed to the unique castles of Transcarpathia of the XIII century, analogs of which simply have not survived to our time throughout Europe.
The pride and popular attraction of Uzhgorod, like a magnet, attracts hundreds of tourists, world and domestic historians.
Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to touch a small but great piece of history, stroll around the surroundings of the castle and enjoy what is left of the unique architecture.

Historical facts about Nevitsky castle

The building was first mentioned in 1274 as an exquisite royal castle of that period.
Its key role was to fully control the strategically important trade route to the pass in the direction of Uzhgorod.

Throughout its history, the castle told and experienced a lot.
It was destroyed by the Mongol-Tatar army, but contemporaries were able to restore and even significantly improve the castle.
Thus, in the XIV century, the architectural structure was supplemented by a quadrangular tower, which by design had three tiers.
The appearance of firearms contributed to the regular reconstruction of the castle, which significantly changed the appearance of the building.
As confirmed by historical data, the active phase falls on the beginning of the XVI century.

But, as popular wisdom says: “Break not to build,” and it’s difficult to disagree.
In the first half of the 17th century, when the castle belonged to a noble family of Drugets, the unique structure had to survive quite a bit.
This period is characterized by civil wars, frequent change of owner and destruction of the castle.
Perhaps it is important to know that György Rakoczy became the initiator of the destruction of the majestic architecture. Since that time, no one has ever been able to restore the castle, so today we can only see its ruins.

Nevitsky castle, our days

Today, the restoration of the Nevitsky castle, unfortunately, is not in question.
The historical object is conserved, but I really want to believe that in the near future the situation will change in a better direction.
Currently, everyone can see the unique ruins of the XIII century.
The castle silently greets guests from all over the country and abroad.
Therefore, it is not at all surprising that Nevitsky Castle is included in the list of popular tourist sites in Ukraine.

A distinctive feature of the building that has survived to the present day is the tower-dungeon.
The design has a square shape and is the main highlight of the castle.
Walking along the perimeter of the ruins you will see the remains of 4 towers that complement the magnificent structure at its corners.
In addition, connoisseurs of fortification architecture of the 13th – 16th centuries will be able to examine in detail the truly unique remnants of the defensive walls, as well as the moat and ramparts.
As in any strategically important facility of that time, a well was preserved in the courtyard of the building. The diameter is inalienable and the life of the necessary element in the structure reaches 3.5 meters, the depth is more than 4 kilometers. The castle itself is located on a 125-meter hill, which also has a volcanic origin.
It is not difficult to guess that from such a height an excellent view of the surroundings opens.
I would also like to note that the wonderful Wagner Garden grows along the perimeter of the castle.
It was laid in 1879 and even if it is not as well-groomed as before, it is worth taking a walk and enjoying the beauty of nature

Nearest attractions (100 km)

If you have some free time, you can visit several nearby attractions of Transcarpathia, which are located 100 kilometers from Nevitsky Castle.

1. First of all, I recommend paying attention to a little-known place among novice tourists, Millennial Oaks. Stuzhitsa. It is cozy and beautiful here! If on the mileage, the reserve is located just 57 km from Nevitsky castle.

2. If you want to visit the military history museum, which is also considered to be the largest bunker in Ukraine since the Second World War, then you should go to the village of Verkhnyaya Grabovnitsa.
It should be noted that the unique attraction known as the Arpad Line Bunker that meanders in underground tunnels for almost 1 kilometer.
From Nevitsky castle you have to overcome almost 65 km.

3. For lovers of castle architecture, Uzhgorod Castle is ideal.
In addition, it is considered to be the most popular attraction of the Transcarpathian region and the oldest castle in Ukraine. The facility is located 14 km from Nevitsky Castle.

4. If you plan to continue your tourist route through the castles of Transcarpathia, then you should visit Palanok Castle. A lot of positive emotions you provided! To the stronghold just 50 km, if you start from Nevitsky castle.

5. Picking up interesting routes for family vacations, you never cease to be amazed at new surprising and little-known corners of Ukraine.
In search of a paradise for relaxing with friends and family you should look into the Blue Lagoon. Not many people know about the existence of the “Blue Lagoon” or it is also called “Satanitskaya”.
A small paradise lurking among the Carpathian Mountains, away from prying eyes.
To enjoy the amazing beauty, you will have to overcome 31 km from Nevitsky Castle.

6. The next landmark of Transcarpathia, which is located 60 kilometers from Nevitsky Castle, is the Saint Miklos Castle.
Here they often hold traditional and modern marriage ceremonies, exhibitions, orchestra performances, theatrical programs, tournaments, master classes, various festivals among which are very popular: the flower festival, and the Silver Tatosh festival.

7. If you continue your route along the highway Kyiv-Chop, you can visit no less interesting tourist place, Schönborn Castle. From Saint Miklos, this landmark is just 8 kilometers away.

Nearest sights from Nevitsky castle, map

Address: s. Kamenitsa, Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region.

GPS coordinates: 48°40′51″ с. ш. 22°24′33″ в. д.  

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