Malosmelyanskiy quarry in Cherkasy region

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Internal tourism in Ukraine is noticeably gaining popularity, allowing everyone to visit resorts on the Black Sea, festivals, tournaments, historical and natural sights of Ukraine. Moreover, there are an incredible amount of options for outdoor activities in our country, especially when it comes to green tourism. Therefore, if you are considering places for outdoor recreation and don’t know what to choose, then pay attention to the Malosmelyansky quarry in Cherkasy region. It is cozy, calm, surrounded by an unusual landscape, picturesque nature, clear water – an ideal place for a family trip, a day trip, for photo and video shooting against the backdrop of unique stone hills and slopes.

Malosmelyanskiy quarry, today

A natural attraction of the Cherkasy region is accessible to everyone and although few people know about a career, for many tourists this is already a favorite vacation spot in Ukraine.

It should be noted that the reservoir formed on the site of a once granite quarry, which was flooded during unsuccessful technical drilling work. The maximum depth of the lake is fixed at 80 meters.

Today, the industrial mining of valuable stone in the local area has not been conducted for a long time. They prefer to come here, first of all, those who want to retire away from the hustle and bustle of the world and reunite with nature, enjoying the beauty of the local landscapes, clear turquoise water, fragrant barbecue, fishing and all the charms of camping.
Accordingly, if you are interested in cycling or you are a supporter of a wild holiday with a tent, then pack your hiking things and feel free to go to the local lake.

Along the perimeter of the quarry there are many convenient points where you can arrange a place to spend the night, sunbathe on a small beach shore and jump from a height into the water.
For the category of tourists who prefer extreme holidays in Ukraine, you will not be bored here either. The presence of several sheer cliffs will decorate the climbers’ usual leisure.

How to get to Malosmelyanskiy career?

There are more than enough options for getting to the lake; this can be either a railway or a bus. Therefore, if you prefer to travel by public transport, first of all, keep track of the city of Cherkasy since the Malosmelyansky quarry is located from the regional center only 39 kilometers away.

For traveling by car, everything is much simpler and more convenient, just set the GPS coordinates in your navigator, which will lay the most optimal route option for you. Therefore, an independent trip to Ukraine by car is the best option to discover little-known and unique tourist places in our country.

Nearest sights, radius 100 km

  1. Kholodny Yar – provides for visiting several tourist locations in the following regional: Buda – s. Millers – with. Golovkovka – with. Medvedevka – v.Subbotov.
  2. The reserve “Homeland of Taras Shevchenko” – from p. Malaya Smelyanka is only 75 kilometers away.
Address: s. Malaya Smelyanka, Smelyansky district, Cherkasy region.

GPS coordinates: 49.1645° 31.8900°

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