Sakura blooming in Uzhhorod

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Each time of the year, in its own way is unique and unique, but spring is a special period.
Everything around is filled with bright colors, nature revives to awaken the desire to live and enjoy life. There is nothing more pleasant to walk along the blooming park inhaling the aroma of flowers, listening to the singing of birds and buzzing bees, walking barefoot on the silky grass.

With the advent of spring, many people ask where it is best to spend your weekend in a circle
Friends and relatives?
Will go to rest abroad or travel around Ukraine?
Vacation abroad is certainly good, but do not score about your homeland.
Ukraine is a magnificent country, it can surprise any tourist with its unique paradise corners, especially in the spring.
There are a lot of options, where you can have a great rest after having received a lot of pleasant and unforgettable impressions.

If you do not know where to go in the spring?
I suggest visiting the cozy and hospitable city of Uzhhorod.
Every year, at the end of April, hundreds of tourists come here to observe the flowering of Japanese cherry Sakura.
During this period the city has an unusual, romantic atmosphere.
From gently pink flowers it’s just not possible to tear off your eyes.

If you plan to listen to my advice, I recommend booking a hotel room in advance. At the peak of cherry blossom, while he teaches at the end of April in early May, guests in the city
So many that all the rooms in the hotel are full. A similar situation is in private sectors.

Where to find sakura in Uzhhorod?
Well, with this complexity you definitely will not arise, they practically grow throughout the city.
Pay special attention to Liberty Avenue and Masaryk Square.
Gently pink beauties here are particularly gorgeous.
A wonderful panorama will please you on the streets of Rakoczy and Dovzhenko.
If you want, you can walk along Pushkin Square or along the embankment of the Uzh River.

You do not have to miss in Uzhgorod.
Annually, during the cherry blossom season, the festival “Sakura-fest” is held here.
You can visit a lot of interesting exhibitions, music evenings, taste
Local wines.

Interesting facts about sakura:

1. The first sakura seedlings were brought to Uzhgorod from Australia in 1923.
2. To date, more than 300 types of sakura are known in Japan.
3. There are 2 types of Sakur: wild and decorative.
4. Sakura – the national symbol of Japan.
5. In Japan there is an official holiday “Khanami” (admiration of sakura flowers).
6. During the Second World War, the Japanese had a tradition, in all the seized territories (China, Korea) planting sakura as a symbol of power.

Adress: Uzhhorod, Transcarpathian region.
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