Blue Lagoon. Transcarpathia

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Choosing interesting routes for a family vacation, do not cease to be surprised by the new amazing corners of Ukraine.
I will not reveal a big secret if I say that Ukraine is a very beautiful country where there is absolutely everything for a wonderful holiday with friends and relatives.
With my family I visited many interesting sights of Ukraine, from which there were wonderful memories, but the Blue Lagoon is a special paradise.
From the magnificent panorama around, breathtaking!
The existence of the “Blue Lagoon” or about it is also called “Satanitskaya” is not known to many.
A small paradise corner hid among the Carpathian Mountains, away from prying eyes.
To enjoy the amazing beauty of the lagoon, you will have to overcome not a simple way.

We started our trip from the village of Chernogolov, the road was long and tedious, in every
Case for me. Toward the set goal they moved with the help of a guide, they did not dare to set off on their own.
For a note, the length of the route to the blue lagoon is quite a bit, about 8 km.

And so, about the route to the Blue Lagoon.
On the outskirts of the village of Chernogolova there is a barrier, behind it begins the nature protection area. When we beat in these places, the entrance to the car was banned.
I had to leave my transport at the barrier, but some managed to get through.
You need to go along the river Lutyanyki, along the asphalt road.
Next you need to cross this river, you do not have to wet your feet, there is a bridge.
Just behind the bridge there is a cozy gazebo where you can relax a little.
Then you need to turn right and continue your journey along the old narrow gauge railway.
You need to move very carefully, along a narrow path that leads you to the Blue Lagoon.

The blue lagoon appeared thanks to a small waterfall that descends between two rocks.
The depth of the pond reaches 3 meters, the water is cold enough even in summer.
After a tiring route, especially in hot weather, to swim in the cool clear water of the blue lagoon, will give you great pleasure.
All the accumulated fatigue in a moment will disappear!

Nearby places of interest: Uzhansky national nature park, Uzhanskaya valley, mountain resort Krasia, Uzhotsky pass, the Arpad line.

Address: c. Chornogolova, Velikobereznyansky district, Zakarpatska region.

GPS coordinates: 48°53’25.85”N, 22°39’22.19”E

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