Unique geyser in Transcarpathia

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Natural sights of Ukraine do not cease to amaze us. In the vastness of our country there are many tourist places where you can spend your leisure time splendidly. Therefore, if you are planning a vacation in the Carpathians in the summer and do not know what to surprise yourself with, then pay attention to the unique and one of a kind geyser of Ukraine with mineral water in Transcarpathia.

From under the earth, a miracle of nature rises out with an interval of 2-3 hours. Accordingly, if upon arrival at the place you do not see the geyser beating, do not rush to leave. Take a look around, enjoying the nature of the surroundings, relax in the installed altankas in anticipation of the active phase of the geyser. In time, the natural process of eruption is small, only about 10 minutes. But what you see is worth your patience.

The frequency and exact time of the geyser eruption cannot be determined; nature itself regulates the whole process. The only thing that a person managed to notice, before the next release of cold mineral water, characteristic sounds come from the depths and the smell of sulfur is felt.

What is the uniqueness of the Transcarpathian geyser?

The geyser in Transcarpathia, by its characteristics, is the only one in Ukraine.
During the eruption, it reaches 6-7 meters in height. The water in the spring is not hot, but rather very cold and you can immediately drink it. According to its characteristics, it is classified as mineral water, has a salty taste and a generous saturation with minerals. Therefore, such water is very useful and healing for humans.

It is worth noting that there are no more such geysers in Ukraine. But, an analogue of the Ukrainian geyser can be found in Slovakia.

Travels in Ukraine

Against the backdrop of the rapid development of tourism in our country, holidays in Ukraine and green tourism are relevant as never before. Another confirmation is the official statistics of the village council of Vuchkovo, where the popular attraction of the Transcarpathian region is located. So, more than 10 thousand tourists visit this place annually.

Today, many travel companies offering hot tours in Ukraine to their regular and new customers have already included the Transcarpathian geyser in their work program “travel routes in Ukraine.”

The popularity of this tourist destination is also affected by the accessibility of the population to the Internet, where anyone who plans a family trip can find out a lot of interesting and useful things through the site for tourists. As a rule, such resources provide detailed information about the attraction itself, photos, videos, tips and reviews.
Therefore, it is not difficult to independently choose a route for the upcoming vacation, the main thing is to have a desire.

Nearby Attractions

Being in these parts, you can visit several interesting sights within a radius of 100 km, namely:

  1. Waterfall Shipot. It is located just 40 km from the village. Vuchkovo.
  2. Lake Synevyr and Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center. In terms of mileage, you will have to overcome a little more than 32 kilometers if you start from the village of Vuchkovo.
  3. The next attraction, which also deserves attention, is the Valley of daffodils. The tract is located only 45 kilometers.
  4. A good addition to your leisure time can be the Templar Cave, which is almost 70 km away.
  5. If you are fond of military topics, then the Arpad Line Bunker will be of interest to you. The distance to the bunker from s. Vuchkovo is only 75 kilometers away.
Address: s. Vuchkovo, Mezhgorsky district, Transcarpathian region

GPS coordinates: 48°26′40″ с. ш. 23°32′54″ в. д

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