Auto-route “Skole Beskydy” Lviv region

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Route: Uric rocks. Tustan – Camenca Falls – Lake of the Dead – Mount Klyuch – Mount Parashka


Among the high mountains of the Ukrainian Carpathians are many surprising places about the existence of which most of us do not even suspect.
Tustan, a vivid confirmation of this.
Mighty rocks rise among the high mountains, recalling the former glory of the brave heroes.

The 7-meter wonder of nature is located in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians between the villages of Kamenka and Dubina. The waterfall is a part of the National Natural Park “Skole Beskydy”. From different parts of Ukraine, hundreds of curious tourists come here, enjoy the unique nature of the Carpathians.

Along the perimeter, the lake is surrounded by a magnificent coniferous forest, as if to hide it from extraneous curious eyes. The intertwined roots of plants and trees created an amazing floating island, where nesting birds comfortably settled. Here is a special mystical place, shrouded in secular legends and secrets.

The mountain Klyuch is known among tourists as one of the peaks of the ridge in the “Skole Beskids” with a height of 927 meters above the sea level. On the route you can take away the fanciful canopies, caves and small gorges. An ideal place for photo and video shooting.

Mount Parashka is considered to be the pearl in the National Park “Skole Beskydy”. From the top there is a magnificent panorama, especially in sunny weather. You will need about 4-5 hours for climbing, and about 2 hours for descent.
The route is not difficult to mark, it is simply impossible to get lost.

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