Rest on the Black Sea, popular resorts of the Nikolaev area

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Our modernity, it would seem, provides new opportunities and technologies, but at the same time dictates other rules of life and defines limitations.
We are desperately striving to succeed at work, at home, in school, putting off the most important for later. As a rule, for most of us, such a thing as a summer vacation at sea or a family trip is something unattainable and beyond reality!
Naturally, career, business, education – this is important, but the supply of human strength is running out. If you do not have to rest properly, your ability to work, attention is reduced, absent-mindedness increases, depression manifests itself, and your health worsens. Therefore, it is so important to switch to rest, visit interesting tourist places, festivals or resorts.

It’s great when you have the opportunity to book a beach vacation trip abroad, but this does not mean that a holiday on the Black Sea in Ukraine is worse or not possible at all.
Against the backdrop of the rapid development of domestic tourism in our country, everyone can discover something new, visit interesting places and improve their health.
Therefore, when you plan your trip to Ukraine and don’t know where to go this summer, then you should pay attention to the popular resorts of the Nikolaev region.
Warm sea, white sand on the beach, exciting excursions, healing mud and sea air, incredible sunsets, frolic dolphins, an abundance of seafood and a lot of vivid impressions during your vacation are guaranteed!

It is worth noting that this is not the first time we have opened the best tourist routes in Ukraine for beginners or experienced travelers, we are making a brief and informative overview of sea resorts in Ukraine. For example, an article about popular resorts of the Kherson region was recently published. Unfortunately, the standards of tourist services are noticeably lame, compared to European resorts, this does not mean that in Ukraine there are no decent places to relax by the sea or green tourism. Therefore, do not rush to pack your bags and go on vacation abroad with your family. Take a closer look at the popular resorts on the Black Sea. After all, you can organize an active vacation at sea, soak up the snow on a white beach, swim in the sea waves and enjoy the magnificent sea sunset, for example, in the sunny Nikolaev region.

5 most popular resorts of the Nikolaev area

Today, vacation in Ukraine in the summer is more relevant than ever. Accordingly, many travel agencies are preparing for the opening of the summer season the most diverse tours in Ukraine to the best resorts in the Nikolaev region, which are designed both for an unassuming group of vacationers, and for those who are used to relaxing in a big way with all the amenities and high quality of service.
Naturally, in order to visit the tourist places of Ukraine you do not have to contact a travel company, you can do it yourself by searching for a place to stay, and our article will be a good assistant for you.

The resort village of Koblevo

Kobevo is the largest and most popular resort off the Black Sea coast, which territorially refers to the Nikolaev region. It has at its disposal a beach area with a length of more than 6 kilometers, hundreds of boarding houses, recreation centers, mini-hotels, a water park, a dolphinarium, many modern entertainment centers, clubs and institutions.
The tourist region is well known not only among Ukrainians, but also outside our country. Here tourists from neighboring countries prefer to relax: Moldova, Belarus and Poland.
Due to the developed infrastructure of the local region, trade, services and recreation, the resort is able to accept over 25 thousand vacationers at the same time.

The natural attractions of Koblevo deserve special attention, which are able to surprise any tourist with their beauty. Therefore, if possible, be sure to check out the Tiligulsky estuary, which is well known for fishing, healing mud and pine forest.

The spa town of Ochakov

Ochakov is a city with a rich history, unexplored catacombs, endless vineyards and tourist potential today. This is the land that stretches between the steppe and the bustling sea.
For many tourists, a small but cozy resort town has become a favorite vacation spot.
Indeed, it is calm and so quiet here!

In Ochakovo you can not only have a wonderful time in the summer, but also visit the historical and natural sights of the Nikolaev region, which are located in the vicinity.
For example, the National Historical and Architectural Reserve “Olbia”, the uninhabited island of Berezan or Kinburn Spit.

Black Sea Spit

The Black Sea Spit, another name for Camp Spit, is an ideal option for those who wish to organize a summer vacation inexpensively with comfortable accommodation.
For the convenient location of tourists there is a recreation area, which consists of boarding houses, hotels and cozy houses for vacationers. In addition, everyone can take advantage of favorable offers from the owners of the private sector or apartments, which will allow you to rent housing on the Black Sea spit with good living conditions.

It is worth noting that the Black Sea spit is an ecologically clean recreation area, and the region itself is geographically located on the very shore of the Black Sea. Accordingly, the local resort will be a good solution for families with children.

The camp spit is located just 5 kilometers from the city of Ochakovo, which allows you to combine holidays on the Black Sea in two tourist regions of the region and visit the nearest attractions of the Nikolaev region.

Kinburn Spit

If it is important for you to retire to pristine nature and relax away from the modern hustle and bustle, then there is simply no better place than Kinburn Spit. The abundance of flora and fauna, many of which are listed in the Red Book, will leave the most vivid memories of the time spent here.

The resort village of Rybakovka

Rybakovka is a cozy resort village, which is ideal both for active recreation for the young generation, and for family holidays with children.
Here you can soak up the beach, swim in the sea, breathe clean air, take a walk through the coniferous forest and improve your health in the mud-salt lake Solonets-Tuzly.

For a comfortable stay of tourists in the resort area there is everything you need: clean sea air and a snow-white beach, round-the-clock entertainment complexes, water attractions,
healing mud and salt lake, recreation centers and hotels, restaurants, bars and much more.

Holidays in Rybakovka in the summer at sea, without a doubt, will leave the most vivid, pleasant and unforgettable memories of time spent here, and next year, you will definitely want to come back here again.

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