Potocki Palace (Tulchin)

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Centuries have passed since taking with them many wonderful people who left behind a piece of their history. The life of a person is very short, but closely intertwined with the past and today.
We read books of our favorite writers, listen to the music of talented composers, who for a long time
Left our world, leaving magnificent works as reminders of their lives.
The famous Polish clan of Potocki is a bright and yet another confirmation of this.
In the heritage of the future generation in different parts of Ukraine they left on their own unique
Castles, palaces and parks.

In the cozy town of Tulchin everyone can visit the magnificent Potocki Palace, where once they organized lavish balls and receptions to know. Today on the streets of the city you will not see exquisite carriages, you will not hear the tramping of horses and noisy balls, but here it is still very cozy and beautiful.

Over the creation of the beautiful palace worked the best masters and designers of the time among which beat the famous French architect La Croix and designer Merckx.
Skillfully using the classic style of the master created an architectural masterpiece of the time. The exquisite building was a success, the palace was used as the main residence of the Potocki family. Here very often politicians, kings, artists and poets liked to visit. Among the honored guests were beaten: Stanislaw August is a Polish king, an extravagant prince Potemkin, Catherine II, Alexander Pushkin.

The majestic structure had three buildings, each of which was unique in its own way.
The main two-story building was decorated with 10 columns and pilasters, which were interconnected by glass galleries.
The palace was decorated with paintings of world-famous artists and sculptors.
In the backyard there was a magnificent park where rare plants brought here from all over the world grew. Perimeter of the park there were exquisite fountains and sculptures.

Potocki Palace today:
Unfortunately, when that majestic structure is going through hard times.
Today, the palace is being restored, but the works are moving very slowly, I would not say noticeably.
The surrounding area is not well-groomed, but about a beautiful park once, almost nothing reminds. But despite the dismal picture of the palace is worth a visit.

Interesting Facts:
The famous writer A.S. Pushkin, who was staying at Potocki’s residence, dedicated his poems “Eugene Onegin”, “Bakhchsarai Fountain” to the fine daughters of the Count.

1796-97gg in the upper palace, the headquarters of A. Suvorov, he is the author of the famous book “The Art of Winning.”

How to get there:
It is not difficult to get to the city of Tulchin.
From Vinnitsa, take any bus in the direction of Tulchin and in about an hour and a half you will be there. Since the route is very popular, you do not have to wait for a long bus, they walk every hour.

Attractions of city Tulchin: Dominican Church; Local Lore Museum; Small Palace; Assumption Church; Leontovich Museum.

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Address: Tulchin, ul. Of Independence 19, Vinnitsa reg..

GPS coordinates: 48°40’35”N 28°51’30”E

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